Combined Practice Warm Up Exercises

Rotating the Sacrum

Rotating the sacrum is an excellent exercise to open the lower back and activate the spinal cord. Place one hand over the sacrum and the other over the pubic bone. Rotate the sacrum in a circle, 36 times in each direction. This movement activates the sacral pump.

Spinal Cord Breathing Exercises

Spinal Cord Breathing

Inhale and expand the chest, arms bent at the elbows and extended to the sides of the body. Exhale, tuck the tailbone under you and round the back, bringing the elbows toward one another in front of the chest. Smile. Inhale, expand the chest, tuck the chin in toward the throat, push the chin back and raise the crown and bring the arms out to the sides. Repeat this back and forth movement 36 times. This movement activates the cranial and sacral pumps, and loosens all the joints in the spine.


Shake the whole body loose, especially the joints, by bouncing up and down on the heels. Let all the joints open and relax. Also, shake the testicles and the breasts loose. This will open the sexual energy (the yin electric) and you do this on back as well.

The yin and yang are the negative and positive electric forces in the universe. The heart produces impulses (the yang electric) and the adrenal glands produce the adrenal hormone to stimulate the heart to beat. Of all the hormones inside us, this is the one that gives the vital force to our life.

When we concentrate on the sexual organs, I the heart and the mind, we can make the yin and the yang electricity combine.

Point of Lymphatic drainage into the Vena

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Point of Lymphatic drainage into the Vena

Fig. 3.4 Whole Body shaking and Lymphatic System

Direction of Lymphatic flow

Fig. 3.4 Whole Body shaking and Lymphatic System

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