Cosmic Healing Chi Kung in the Universal Tao System

Cosmic Healing Chi Kung is an important branch of the Universal Tao, an entire system of Taoist practices for cultivating the body, the Chi and the spirit. Your level of skill in Cosmic Healing Chi Kung will be based upon your mastery of the Universal Tao System as a whole. One of the most important parts of the Taoist practices is working with the energy moving within the body.

Foundation of the Universal Tao System is the Microcosmic Orbit Meditation

This is the major practice to connect with the earth, cosmic and universal forces. This is the way to make a connection with the North Star and the Big Dipper's violet/red light which is one of the very powerful universal healing lights. Through this practice you learn to feel Chi and to use your mind/eye/heart power to guide the Chi flow through the primary energy routes in your body. This practice is later extended to include the arm and leg routes too; it is then called the Macrocosmic Orbit.

Many people, including Chi Kung Masters, come to me and say that they have been practicing Chi Kung for years and nothing is happening. They don't feel any energy and they think that they must be performing their Chi Kung incorrectly. I tell them that they also need to do meditation. Hand movements are nothing by themselves. There are hundreds of different Chi Kung forms in China. You could spend seventy lifetimes just learning the hand movements. The practice of the Microcosmic Orbit meditation will help you to feel the Chi more easily inside, outside or around the body and in the extremities of the hands and feet.

When I was a child I liked to practice Chi Kung so much I had to save my lunch money to learn. After many years of practice of many Chi Kung forms, I started to forget the first form, so I learned it again. One day when I tried to practice and review all the forms that I had learned, I couldn't remember many of them. I sat down and thought, "I only have two hands, two legs and one head. Why are there so many forms? And why are there are so many religions and beliefs." I said to myself that there must be one main thing that they have in common. I started to search and I found out that the most important thing is feeling the Chi within us. Being able to increase, transform, take in and stay in touch with the universal, the cosmic, nature and the earth force. Letting them all combine within us is what is important. Likewise in religion there is God (a Force in Taoism we call Wu Chi, the nothingness, the supreme power controlling the universe); with a good heart and virtue energy we can connect with this force.

The complete practice of the Microcosmic Orbit Meditation is fully described in the book "Awaken Healing Light of the Tao" by Mantak Chia.

These are very important practices to make the connection among the organs, the colors and the good virtue energy; each organ color will enhance your connection to the cosmic and the Universal Healing power.

Each organ has its own vital color and when abundant it will radiate out as an aura for healing and protection. These organ colors and their associated universal connections have great healing power. The power of the 'Six Healing Sounds' will help enhance the connection to the cosmic source. Each sound will foster different healing energy. The practices also help balance, refine and transform the negative energy back to positive energy.

Iron Shirt Chi Kung and Bone Breathing are a system of standing meditations. These exercises help you to become grounded and to root your connection into the earth force, in order to build a good structure and absorb greater force. In turn, this will help draw in the heavenly force, which will combine with the very potent healing power of the earth's yellow light. The practice also strengthens the body so you can hold a higher energetic charge. These abilities are essential prerequisites for handling greater amounts of energy.

Cosmic Inner Smile and the Six Healing Sounds

Fig. 1.1 Red for the Heart White for the Lungs Yellow for the Spleen Blue for the Kidneys Green for the Liver.

Cosmic Energy Healing

Fig. 1.1 Red for the Heart White for the Lungs Yellow for the Spleen Blue for the Kidneys Green for the Liver.

Iron Shirt Chi Kung and Bone Breathing

Iron Shirt Chi Kung also includes the art of 'Changing the Sinews and Washing the Marrow'. Through these aspects of Iron Shirt, you learn to absorb, store and discharge large amounts of energy through the tendons and bones. These practices are outlined in detail in the books "Iron Shirt Chi Kung" by Mantak Chia and "Bone Marrow Nei Kung" by Mantak Chia.

To attain skill in Cosmic Chi Kung, it will help if you practice Iron Shirt, Bone Marrow and meditation as a minimum requirement. Beyond the basic level, the Universal Tao System includes many other intermediate and advanced level Chi Kung practices and meditations. The further one advances, the greater one's mastery of Chi.

Your increasing level of skill in the Universal Tao system will reflect immediately in your Cosmic Healing Chi Kung practice. Furthermore, you will discover that you can incorporate many of your Universal Tao practices directly into your practice of Cosmic Chi Kung. We will give you a simple combined practice of the Cosmic Healing Chi Kung, the Inner Smile, Microcosmic Orbit, Iron Shirt and the Sexual practices.

Stages of Mastering Chi

1. In the Universal Tao system, our first goal is to learn to conserve our Chi; when a battery is totally drained it is harder to charge; money makes money, Chi makes Chi. Conservation of Chi will help gain more Chi. To have more Chi we first need to maintain control of the gates through which energy normally leaks out and unwittingly drains our life force.

We leak energy: - through our reproductive system

- through negative emotions

- through constantly turning our senses outward

Without knowing how to conserve the Chi that we already have, what is the point of acquiring more?

2. We learn to balance our Chi; that is, we seek to keep a smooth and balanced flow of energy moving throughout the whole body. If our energy is imbalanced, we may have too much energy in some places and not enough in others; we may also be too yang or too yin. We may have excess or deficient heat, cold, damp or dryness. This imbalanced energy tends to make us go to extremes.

3. We learn to transform our Chi into more beneficial energies. For example, through the Taoist Sexual Chi Kung practices taught in the Universal Tao (the course known as Healing Love through the Tao), we can transform sexual energy back into basic life force Chi. Through other practices (such as the Inner Smile, the Six Healing Sounds, and Fusion of the Five Elements) we learn to transform negative emotional Chi into positive virtuous Chi. Thus Chi is not only the foundation of our health; it is also the basis of spiritual development in the Tao.

4. Once we have accomplished the three previous phases of mastering Chi, we then learn to increase it. Chi pervades all of heaven, earth and nature. In Cosmic Healing

Chi Kung we learn time tested ways to tap into these unlimited and transpersonal reservoirs of Chi and greatly expand the amount of energy available to us. It is very important to master first the stages of conservation, balance and transformation before we emphasize increasing our Chi. Otherwise we may waste the energy we bring in, or we may inadvertently amplify the imbalanced or negative energies that we have not yet learned to bring under control. 5. Finally, we learn to extend our mind to tap into the vast Chi of nature, cosmic and the universe, to heal our body, mind and spirit and to heal other people. Cosmic Healing Chi Kung practice sensitizes your hands to the feeling and movement of Chi; it uses the mind-eye power to absorb cosmic Chi into the palm and crown and to send it out through the hands and beyond, so that you can help restore balance in others without touching them or draining yourself.

This may sound fantastic at first, yet recent researchers in Chinese Chi Kung hospitals have not only measured the energies emitted by Chi Kung masters; they have also discovered that different varieties and frequencies of healing Chi can be emitted. This research has been corroborated by experiments in the United States at such places as the Menninger Institute.

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