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One of the best methods of protection for a practitioner is the Fusion practice (Refer to 'Fusion of the Five Elements I by Mantak Chia). Perhaps even better is for the practitioner not to perceive him/herself as a healer, but as a person that comes to guide people in something they have to do themselves. When you say; "I am a healer", the sickness or bad energy, has already found a new home. When you check it out, first it will try to hide, and then it will try to attach itself to you. But if you don't interfere, the energy will go straight to the ground. So it is very important to clarify that you are not a healer, but a practitioner that can help, and that the student or sick person has to do most of the job.

Fig. 7.1 The Stronger your Awareness of your Inner Body, the Easier it will be for others present to pick up this Sense.

If you guide those present, this will greatly enhance your healing session. Sit or stand facing your student. Any time you want him or her to focus on a particular point of the body, ask them to touch it with their hands. For example, "Now place your hands on your navel", while you do the same thing yourself. As soon as you feel the Chi there, you instruct them to focus on the navel themselves. This way you are actually helping them to deepen their bodily awareness. The stronger your own awareness of your inner body, the easier it will be for the others present to pick it up. This means that if you are treating some part of another person's body, or if you see that the person is not aware of any energy in some part of the body, you can help by focusing your awareness on this particular part of your own body.

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