Cosmic Inner Smile

Cosmic Healing
Fig. 9.1 Inner Smile

The Inner Smile begins at the eyes and the mideyebrow point and moves down to the heart. As you activate the heart, the loving energy will flow out and you will feel the energy of your Inner Smile flow down the entire length of your body like a waterfall. This is a very powerful and effective tool to counteract stress, tension and negative Chi.

1. Be aware of the mideyebrow, imagining that your are in one of your favorite places in the world, a place where you feel safe, relaxed and happy. Recall the sights you might have seen there, the sounds you might have heard, the scents, sensations and flavors that you associate with that place.

2. Imagine that one of your favorite people is standing in front of you, smiling to you with loving, happy, radiant shining eyes. Smile to your face and slightly lift up the corners of your mouth.

3. Feel yourself responding to that special person's smile with a smile of your own. Feel your eyes smiling and relaxing.

4. Smile down to the thymus gland and picture a white flower blossoming. Gently inhale into the thymus gland, connecting your breath to the olfactory organ. Smell the good fragrance.

5. Aim your inner attention at your heart, picturing the heart before your inner eye and smile to it. Smile until you feel the heart smile back to you. Picture your heart like a red rose, gradually opening. This will activate the love and fire of compassion in the heart. Once you feel the red light and loving awareness it will activate the cosmic red healing light or mist from above and around you.

6. Smile at the light or mist and very slowly with a soft, long, deep breath draw the red mist, love and compassion into the mideyebrow, down through the mouth and throat, into the heart and gradually overflowing to the small intestine. Exhale, but retain the red light and the love and compassion in the heart and small intestine. At the same time exhale the cloudy, black or negative energy. Keep on doing this breathing 18 to 36 times waiting until the heart becomes bright red before your inner vision and starts to radiate out to the tongue, mouth, nose, ears and eyes. Allow the red light to whirl around you and form a red aura. Feel your skin glowing with red energy.

7. Let the heart's loving energy radiate out to the lungs. Aim your attention at the lungs; picture them before your inner eye and smile to them. Smile until you feel the lungs smile back to you. Picture your lungs like a white rose, gradually opening; smell the good fragrance. This will activate the courage in the lungs. Once you invoke the white light and courage into the lungs, you will also activate the cosmic white healing light or mist from above and around you.

8. Smile at the light or mist and very slowly, softly take a long deep breath and draw the white mist into the mideyebrow, the mouth and down to the lungs, gradually overflowing into the large intestine. Exhale but retain the white light and the feeling of courage in the lungs. At the same time exhale the cloudy, black or negative energy. Keep on doing this kind of breathing 18 to 36 times, waiting until the lungs become bright white and start to radiate out to the nose, ears, eyes, tongue and mouth. Invite the white light to whirl around you and form a white aura covering your skin like autumn dew.

9. The spleen, pancreas and stomach correspond to the yellow color of the earth element. Connect to these organs and smile down into them from the mideyebrow.

First connect to the heart, then attract the clear yellow light from above and around you. You might see the golden yellow aura of a wheat field ready for harvest. Expel feelings of worry; exhale the cloudy, sticky energy. Breathe in the golden yellow aura, filling your spleen center with golden yellow light. Repeat to complete 18 to 36 cycles, then allow the light to radiate out to your mouth, nose, ears, eyes and tongue. Wrap the golden aura around you, leaving a golden shine on your skin.

10. The kidneys and bladder correspond to the blue color of the water element. Gentleness is contained within the blue healing light. Inhale the blue aura into the kidneys. Expel feelings of fear or stress on breathing out. Allow your energy field to expand, breathing in and out the blue energy 18-36 times, until it starts to radiate out from your kidneys to your ears, eyes, tongue, mouth and nose. Gather the blue mist on your skin enveloping you with a blue aura.

11. The liver and gall bladder connect to the green color of the element wood; kindness replaces anger, which is expelled on breathing out. Do the same as above and create a green aura around you. Exhale the dark red, cloudy heat. Inhale the nourishing green of the forests. Do 18 to 36 cycles, until the green light has completely filled the liver and starts to radiate out to your eyes, tongue, mouth, nose and ears. Invite the green light to form a green aura around you.

12. Smile down to the sexual organs and reproductive system. Feel love and sexual arousal and the heart and sexual organs uniting. Observe how this process transforms the sexual energy into Chi. Channel down orange and red light to the sexual organs. Thank them for their work in keeping you alive and healthy. Rest. Do nothing. Gather and store the energy by smiling and spiraling in the Tan Tien.

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