Chi Sacred Water Practice

The Sacred Water practice (also known in the West as Holy Water) is to exercise the right of being the creators of the Cosmos. With strict and absolutely regular daily water intake to prevent the stresses and associated damages of dehydration, the chief conductor and supervisor of the body's well being - tryptophan and its neurotransmitter derivatives, serotonin, tryptamine and melatonin will be well positioned to regulate all functions. Regular daily walks will keep muscles well coordinated and correct any physiological processes that are established in the body as a result of anxiety or emotional stress.

A well hydrated and healthy skin needs water to constantly replace that which it loses to the outside environment. This then allows blood vessels to the face and the body to open up and provide necessary nourishment for exposed skin cells.

Science has discovered that even if we clean water through filtration processes, although it may look and taste alright, closer analysis using high powered microscopic technology, indicates that its cell structure is 'unclean'. Water, like humans, maintains the memory of its old 'self'. We store our 'memory' within our DNA; water stores its memory within its cells.

The world is about 70% water

You are about*70% and remain so.

Water And Its Memory
Fig. 4.17 Water is Life.

The following three pages contain extracts from the book 'The Message from Water' by Masaru Emoto. It advises us that 'water is telling us to take a closer look at ourselves -water is a mirror reflecting our mind.'

After offering a prayer to the Fujiwara dam the message is reflected in the water.

Chi and Love Love-Appreciation

Fig. 4.18 The Human Body consists of 70% Water.

Let's do it

When we project Chi and love into water and then freeze it; it will turn into a 'regular' and well structured crystal. If we project negative energy into water, the opposite will apply. Our projections will access the cellular level, clean out the polluted cells and reprogram those remaining with the essence of our affirmation.

When we project a nice, loving instruction or thought into water, like 'let's do it' the water will pick up this vibration and restructure itself. If we project negativity into the water, like a command, 'do it!', the water will acknowledge this accordingly. When we look into a pond we see our image. If we drink a glass of negative image water its destructive energy will enter our system and attempt to multiply.

Fig. 4.18 The Human Body consists of 70% Water.

Research has demonstrated that if we completely filter polluted water, using every process available, it will still maintain its old vibration and unstable structure. It will maintain memory in the same way that a computer does. We must therefore reprogram the cells with our intent.

If the water we drink contains too many pollutants and antioxidants it will eventually poison us.

As we can see from these pictures, there is an enormous difference between natural spring water and regular city water. It is now quite clear that if we program water so that it becomes, sacred, holy or Chi water, then it will have the power to remove all antioxidants and pollutants - all sickness. It will have the power to reprogram the water within our bodies, to carry the same pure structure.

Tokyo Tap Water

London Tap Water

Paris Tap Water

Under Ground Water in Northern Island, New Zealand

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Spring Water of Saijo, Hiroshima Prefecture

Fig. 4.19 Healing or hurting?

We can also use music to program a vibration into water. Classical music will create a vibration that synchronizes with our own health, whereas heavy metal music will have a tendency to 'shatter'!

"You make me sick", or "I will kill you".

You Fool

Heavy Metal Music Thank you Folk song of Celtic Healing Music

Region in UK Fig. 4.20 Power to heal or harm?

Similarly, when we program our emotions regarding other people into water, the effects are the same. If we think negatively of someone, then the response will produce a bad vibration. If we think kind, loving thoughts then the structure will be like a beautiful crystal. If we love Mother Theresa and send this energy into the water, a wonderful crystalline structure will be created. Sick water can be transformed into healthy water. Healthy water can be transformed into sick water. The human body consists of 70% water. The key is your intent and your ability to believe that healing comes from the nature of your vibration. Always be open to receive.

Mother Teresa Dirty

Fig. 4.21 Sick or saintly?

Adolph Hitler

Mother Teresa Dirty

Fig. 4.21 Sick or saintly?


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