Filling the Joints with

The bones have the ability to process Cosmic Chi (Chi above and around us) to be used by the body. The joints are also able to store Chi and they also serve as the cushion between the bones.

Be aware of your index fingers and thumbs; lightly raise the index fingers, feel a slight tension and open the thumbs to the sides and feel it magnify. Breathe into the finger tips, until you feel the sensation of Chi entering the fingers. The fingers will feel stiff as they stretch, to make way for the Chi entering the joints. Continue to breath in the Chi - the stiffness will spread to the other fingers, wrists, elbows and shoulder joints making the whole arm tense and stiff. The fingers and the arms become one piece. Eventually the Chi will fill every joint of the body making it into a complete unit.

Be aware of the big toes; breathe into the toes and feel the toes grow longer. When the Chi fills the joints the big toes become tense and stiff. Gradually it will fill the other toes rising to the ankles, knees, hips, sacrum and spine; the feeling may be one of tension and stiffness, numbness or like an electrical charge. The legs and the spine become one piece. You will certainly feel good.

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