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The next step is to learn the four sections of the Cosmic Healing Chi Kung, the 'Empty Force' sequence. Each of the four sections of Cosmic Healing Chi Kung develops a different type of energy mastery. Each section begins and ends in the same way, yet has different movements in the middle.

Connecting to Heaven and Earth

The first section of Cosmic Healing Chi Kung emphasizes connecting to the external Chi emanating from heaven and earth. This ability is very beneficial for self-healing and is essential for healing others. If you do not connect to some source of external energy when healing others, you will draw upon your own personal reservoirs. Our personal Chi is limited by nature, and can easily become depleted if we give it away too freely.

Over the past decade external Chi healing has become very popular in China. There are now hundreds of Chi Kung hospitals and clinics throughout the country. Yet many of the Chi Kung therapists can only administer two or three treatments a day; they spend the rest of their day practicing Chi Kung to replenish their own Chi. Those who practice the more traditional Chi Kung know how to connect to the Chi of heaven, earth and nature.

In this first section, you will learn to sense the energies outside your body. You will then learn to draw and absorb these energies into your body and process them in order to use them for self-healing and healing others.

Opening the Bridge and Regulator Channels and Extending your Chi Outwards

The second section opens and strengthens four of the Eight Extraordinary Channels: the Yin and Yang Bridge and Regulator Channels. This section also teaches the student to extend and take in the cosmic Chi and emit Chi out of the body for healing others. This ability is the heart of Cosmic Healing Chi Kung practice.

Opening and Energizing the Governor and Functional Channels

The third section enhances the energy in the points along the two channels used in the Microcosmic Orbit. Opening the Microcosmic Orbit strengthens and balances one's own energy, and prepares one to heal others. Practicing this section will be of great help with the Microcosmic Orbit Meditation.

Activating One Finger Art and the Chi Belt

The fourth section of Cosmic Healing Chi Kung activates the hands and you will practice emitting Chi from each of your fingers and opening the "Chi Belt." This channel is also known as the Belt Route or Girdle Vessel.

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Heal Yourself With Qi Gong

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