General Outline of Practices

Seven Minute Mindfulness

Five Steps to Mindfulness

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1. Gain experience by working with one person. Stand in front of them with your feet shoulder width apart. Hold your hands at your heart in salutation. Transmit your love and compassion and ask for their permission to help them to help themselves heal.

2. Connect to the student's and your own cosmic star above your head and ask for universal permission. Radiate your love and transfer three minds into one mind. Lower your Upper Tan Tien. Activate your consciousness: Three minds become one mind. Expand your awareness in the mideyebrow and the crown. Feel the Tan Tien, heart, mideyebrow and crown spiraling. Expand to the universe.

3. Visualize the person's legs as being 'very long', extending down to the earth. Activate the Sacred Fire and bring it down. Clean out the room and make a big Chi field around you and the student.

4. Call the Elemental Forces: water, fire, thunder, lightning, rain, lake, earth, mountain, wind and Heavenly Chi. Call the guardian animals; Blue Tortoise from the north, Red Pheasant from the south, Green Dragon from the east, White Tiger from the west, Yellow Phoenix from above and Black Tortoise from below. Feel that you are protected by the Chi; gather the power of all the mountains, rivers, streams, stones and rocks into the room. Activate them with lightning, thunder and wind - filling the whole room with electrified Chi.

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