Guide to the Acupuncture Points used in Cosmic Chi Kung

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The following is a detailed description of the acupuncture energy points used in the Cosmic Chi Kung practice. It is necessary to know the exact location of the points to do the practice well. However, you do not have to know the traditional Chinese medical functions and energetics of the points to do the practice. These are included in this appendix as an item of interest.

The names of the points are given first by the channel and number, second by the English translation of the traditional Chinese name for the point and finally by the name in Chinese.

We are emphasizing the traditional Chinese medical therapeutic properties of the points given herein. Many of these points also have very different purposes in Taoist Yoga. For a description of the Taoist Yoga energetics, refer to "Awaken Healing Light of the Tao" by Mantak Chia.

Ying Spring, Fire Point

Location: On the center of the palm, where the tip of the middle finger touches when making a loose fist.

Pericardium 8

Lakor's Palace" - Laogong

Ghost Points Acupuncture


heart, cools the blood, calms the spirit, regulates the heart Chi and yang, Ghost Point for treating spirit possession.

Indications: Coma from stroke, heat exhaustion, angina pectoris, mania, hysteria, mental illness, excessive sweating of the palms, mouth problems.

On the Crease Functions: Cools the of the Inner heart, drains heat from the E'bow Regi°n

LI 4

Large Intestine 4

"Adjoining Valleys" - Hegu

Yuan Source Point

Location: On the back side of the hand between the thumb and index finger, in the web approximately at the middle of the metacarpal bone of the index finger.

Functions: Disperses wind, relieves exterior conditions, suppresses pain and clears the channels, clears lung heat, calms the spirit. Very powerful point for moving the Chi and blood of the whole body; main point for pain; main point for headache; main point for ailments of the head, face and sensory organs; main point for immunity.

Indications: Headaches, common cold, redness with pain and swelling of the eyes, toothache, facial swelling, sore throat, finger cramps, arm pain, fever, abdominal pain, constipation.

Caution: Contra-indicated in pregnancy.

Small Intestine 3

"Back Creek" - Houxi

SI 3

Shu Stream, Wood Point Master Point of the Governor Channel Coupled Point of the Yang Bridge Channel

Location: When a loose fist is made, the point is near the head of the fifth metacarpal bone on the knife edge of the hand at the junction of the red and white skin. Functions: Relaxes the tendon-muscular channels, opens the Governor Channel, clears the Spirit, drains evil Chi from the heart.

Indications: Seizures, psychosis, hysteria, intercostal neuralgia, headache, stiff neck, red, painful and congested eyes, deafness, spasms of the arm, elbow and fingers; fever, night sweating, whiplash, occipital headaches.

Used for structural/musculo-skeletal problems; opens the Governor Channel for problems with back, neck and head, main point for stiff neck, antispasmodic for muscle spasms; anti-inflammatory for spinal arthritis, intestinal inflammation.

Lung 10

"Fish Border" - Yuji

Ying Spring, Fire Point

Location: In the middle of the ulna eminence below the thumbs at the junction of the red and white skin. Functions: Cools heat in the lungs, benefits the throat. Indications: Sore throat, cough, laryngitis, tonsillitis, fever with common cold.

L 10

L 10

Triple Warmer 5

"Outer Gate" -WaiGuan

Luo Connecting Point

Master Point of the Yang Regulator Channel

Coupled Point of the Belt Channel ^-TW 5

Location: About two fingers width above the wrist crease on the outs

LI IU uTm.

Functions: Regulates the Yang Regulator Channel and Belt Channel, tonifies and consolidates Protective (Wei) Chi, releases exterior hot and cold conditions, helps circulate stagnant Chi in the channels.

Indications: Common cold with alternating chills and fever, high fevers, pneumonia, deafness, migraine headaches, paralysis, stiff neck.

Pericardium 6 _ _

"Inner Gate"-Nei Guan

Luo Connecting Point Master Point of the Yin Regulator Channel

Location: About two fingers width above the wrist crease on the between the two prominent tendons.

Functions: Calms the heart and spirit, regulates the Chi, opens and relaxes the chest, regulates and harmonizes the stomach, regulates the liver, relieves pain. Indications: Rheumatic heart disease, shock, angina pectoris, palpitations, chest pain, asthma, shortness of breath, tightness or fullness in the chest, spasm of the diaphragm, vomiting, stomach ache, abdominal pain, morning sickness, motion sickness, migraine headaches, hysteria, anxiety, irritability, insomnia, seizures, swollen and painful throat, painful menses or nausea with period.

Large Intestine 11

"Crooked Pond" - Qu Chi

He Sea, Earth Point Ghost Point

Location: When the elbow is flexed, in the depression at the outer and upper end of the elbow crease. Functions: Cools heat, clears fire, drains dampness, eliminates wind and exterior conditions, regulates and moistens large intestine.

Indications: Arthritic pain in the arms, paralysis, hypertension, high fever, anemia, allergies, skin problems, Parkinson's Disease. Main point for skin diseases; main point for high fever.

Accupresure Points Forskin Problems

Conception Vessel 22

"Heaven's Chimney" - Tian Tu

Intersecting Point of the Yin Regulator Channel on the Conception Vessel, Window of the Sky Point

Location: At the top of the breastbone (sternum) in the V-shaped indentation (suprasternal notch). Press in and downward at a forty-five degree angle.

Functions: Cools the throat and clears the voice, facilitates and regulates movement of lung Chi, frees the breath and helps restore the proper functioning of the lungs and bronchi, helps open Conception Vessel (Functional Channel).

Indications: Asthma, bronchial asthma, bronchitis, coughing, pharyngitis, goiter, hiccups, nervous vomiting, hoarse voice, spasms of the esophagus, diseases of the vocal cords, sore throat.

Conception Vessel 17

"Central Altar" - Tan Zhong

Front Mu-Alarm Point of the pericardium, Influential Point of Chi of the body Sea of Chi Point, Master Point of the Middle Tan Tien

Location: On the frontal midline at the level of the fourth intercostal space, between the nipples.

Functions: Regulates the lungs and the Upper Warmer, tonifies Ancestral Chi, opens and relaxes the chest, diffuses lung Chi, regulates and tonifies Chi, transforms phlegm. Indications: Pulmonary tuberculosis with shortness of breath, bronchitis, asthma, bronchial asthma, chest pain; all breast problems such as mastitis, insufficient lactation, breast abscesses, wheezing, chest pain, labored breathing, palpitations, difficulty swallowing food, anxiety.

Conception Vessel 12

"Middle Cavity" - Zhongwan (Solar Plexus)

Front Mu-Alarm Point of the stomach, Influential point of all yang organs

Location: Approximately midway between the navel and the top joint of the xiphoid process.

Functions: Regulates the stomach Chi and yin, regulates, strengthens and tonifies the spleen Chi and yang, regulates the Middle Warmer, reduces digestive stagnation, tonifies nutritive Chi, regulates Chi and blood, redirects rebellious Chi downwards, clears stomach fire and heat, calms the fetus, controls the aura. Indications: Acute or chronic gastritis, stomach and duodenal ulcers, prolapsed stomach, acute intestinal obstruction, stomach ache, vomiting, abdominal distention, diarrhea, constipation, acid regurgitation, indigestion, hypertension, mental diseases.

Mideyebrow Point

"Seal Hall" - Yin Tang

Master Point of the Upper Tan Tien

Location: At the midpoint between the two eyebrows. Mideyebrow Functions: Calms the spirit, activates the Crystal Room, op§KS the Governor Channel, draws in Cosmic Chi, eliminates wind heat. Indications: Headache, vertigo, rhinitis, sinusitis, common cold, hypertension, infantile convulsions, sore eyes.

Conception Vessel 6

"Chi Ocean" - Chi Hai

Master Point of the Lower Tan Tien

Location: Approximately three fingers width below the navel. Functions: Regulates Chi, tonifies Original Chi, strengthens weak kidneys, harmonizes the blood, regulates the Thrusting Route Conception Vessel, reinforces Ching Chi, enriches yin. Indications: Neurasthenia, abdominal distention, abdominal pain, irregular menstruation, impotence, spermatorrhea, urinary retention, frequent urination, intestinal paralysis, incontinence, constipation, infertility, uterine bleeding, hernia.

Navel I Chi Ocean« Chi Hai

Stomach 13

"Chi's Household" - Chi Hu

Location: Below the midpoint of the collarbone along the mammilary line (directly above the nipple). Functions: Clears heat, loosens the chest, relaxes the diaphragm, regulates lung Chi. Indications: Asthma, bronchitis, chest and back pain, hiccups.

Stomach 16

"Breast's Window" - Ying Chuang

Location: In the space between the third and fourth ribs, one rib directly above the nipple in men, slightly higher in women.

Functions: Stops pain, reduces swelling, clears heat, resolves depression, opens lungs, stops cough, relaxes chest, moves Chi.

Indications: Coughing, asthma, swelling of the breasts, chest and stomach pain, heartburn, shortness of breath, melancholy, diarrhea

Liver 14

"Gate of Hope" - Chi Men fim m

Acupuncture Points Alarm Points

LV 14 SP 16 SP 15

Front Mu-Alarm Point of the liver Intersecting point of the Yin Regulator and spleen channels on the liver channel Location: In the sixth intercostal space, directly below the nipple. Functions: Spreads liver Chi, transforms and removes congealed blood, strengthens spleen and stomach, expands and relaxes the chest.

Indications: Difficulty in breathing, chest pain, hepatitis, enlarged liver, gall stones, pleurisy, nervous stomach, menopausal disorders, cholera, failure to discharge the placenta after childbirth.

Spleen 16

"Abdomen's Sorrow" - Fu Ai Location: Just below the bottom edge of the rib cage on the mamillary line. Functions: Frees bowel Chi, dispels damp and heat, opens the organs and clears Chi stagnation.

Indications: Pain in the navel region, indigestion, dysentary, constipation.

Spleen 15

"Great Horizontal" - Da Heng Intersecting point of the Yin Regulator Channel on the spleen channel Location: At the level with the navel along the mamillary line.

Functions: Regulates the spleen, regulates and moistens the intestines, reduces digestive stagnation and transforms damp-heat.

Indications: Abdominal distension, diarrhea, constipation, intestinal paralysis, parasitic worms in the intestines, chronic sadness.

Conception Vessel 8

"Spirit Palace Gate" - Shen Que Doorway to the Original Chi, Location: In the center of the navel Functions: Tonifies, strengthens and regulates the spleen (Chi and yang), and stomach Chi, regulates the intestines, warms the interior and reduces digestive stagnation, tonifies the kidneys, warms the yang, dries dampness and dispels cold.

Indications: Chronic diarrhea, intestinal tuberculosis, all urinary disorders, shock resulting from intestinal adhesions, heatstroke, rectal or anal prolapse, restless fetus.

hen Qu Navel hen Qu Navel

LV 14 SP 16 SP 15

Governor Vessel 4

"Door of Life" - Ming Men

Back Doorway to the Lower Tan Tien Location: Below the spinous process of the second lumbar vertebrae. Approximately at the level of the navel. Functions: Nourishes the Original Chi, strengthens and harmonizes the kidneys, tonifies ching and yang, clears channels and invigorates collateral vessels, benefits the lower back and bones, regulates water pathways. Main point to build life fire; main point for sexual/genital problems.

Indications: Bone disorders, chronic nephritis, enuresis, low sex drive, fatigue, spermatorrhea, impotence, irregular menses, painful menses, no menses, scanty menses, abnormal uterine bleeding, lower back stiffness and pain, kidney pain radiating to the abdomen, hemorrhoids, urinary incontinence, painful urination, diarrhea, sciatica, spinal myelitis.

GV 4 Door of Life

Governor Vessel 6

"Middle of Spine" - Jizhonc

Location: Below the spinous process of the 11th thoracic vertebrae (T-11).

Functions: Stimulates Ching Chi, benefits spleen, stomach and kidneys and liver. Indications: Hepatitis, seizures, low back pain, paralysis of lower limbs, blood in stools, diabetes, diarrhea.

Governor Vessel 11

"Spirit's Path" - Shen Tao

Location: Below the spinous process of T-5 (opposite CV-17, the Heart Point).

Functions: Calms heart and mind, regulates heart Chi and yang, expands and relaxes the chest, benefits heart and lungs, sedates pain, sedates fright and dispels wind. Indications: Anxiety and palpitations due to fear or fright, neurasthenia, asthma, cough, shortness of breath, chest and hypochondriac pain, insomnia, aphasia due to winds, stroke, forgetfulness, fever.

Bai Hui Acupuncture Point

Shen Tao

Shen Tao

Governor Vessel 14

" Big Vertebra" - Da Zhui

Influential point of yang Sea of Chi point

Intersection point of all yang channels. Location: Below the spinous process of the seventh cervical vertebra (C-7), approximately at the level of the shoulders. Functions: Opens the yang, clears the brain, calms the spirit, tonifies Protective (Wei) Chi, reduces fever, relieves exterior conditions, clears heat.

Indications: Fever, sunstroke, malaria, psychosis, seizures, bronchitis, asthma, pulmonary tuberculosis, emphysema, hepatitis, blood diseases, eczema, hemiplegia, pain in the back of the shoulders, cold-induced diseases, cough, fever and chills.

Governor Vessel 16

"Jade Pillow" or "Wind Palace" - Feng Fu

Sea of Marrow Point, Window of Sky Point, Ghost Point Intersection point of the Yang Regulator Channel on the Governor Vessel Location: At the base of the skull, about one inch above the posterior hairline. Functions: Benefits and clears the brain, calms spirit, opens the sensory orifices, dispels wind, wind-cold and wind-heat, smoothes joint functions. Indications: Seizures, mania, hemiplegia, loss of speech due to stroke, delirium, suicidal behavior, fear and fright, anxiety, common cold, sensation of heaviness in the head, headache, dizziness, numbness of the limbs, deaf-mutism, blurred vision, sinusitis, stiff neck.

Governor Vessel 20

"One Hundred Meetings" - Bai Hui

Sea of Marrow Point

Location: At the crown of the head, approximately on the midpoint of the line connecting the top apex of the two ears. Function: Clears the senses, calms the spirit, extinguishes liver wind, stabilizes ascending yang. Indications: Headache, dizziness, shock, depression, hypertension, insomnia, seizures, prolapsed anus, prolapsed uterus, mental dullness, hemorrhoids.

Dullness Mental

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