Activate the Immune and Defense System

The body has various mechanisms which combine to provide protection and defense against illness and disease. These mechanisms enable the body to produce various cells and bodies which act against invading or unwanted substances. As soon as a foreign body is recognized, the immune system will be triggered and will act to provide the most efficient means of eliminating the danger and return the body to a balanced state of health. A strong and healthy body will have good resources to protect itself from negative or sick energy. The aim of these practices is to help you to realize the potential of true harmony within yourself. To activate the immune and defense system is to increase the production of red and white blood cells. To do this we activate the bone marrow and lymphatic system. Guide the student or whole group together in all of these steps. You will not lose energy by doing this. You will gain more energy because you are all connected together in the group power. The crucial part is to multiply your good intentions, Chi and virtue energy into the cosmos, making yourself and each person a direct line from the Universe. After you finish the General Healing session you can tailor the healing techniques in the next chapters to the individual's needs.

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Become A More Spiritual Person Today

Become A More Spiritual Person Today

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