Lower Tan Tien Navel Awareness Mind

1. Recharge with Universal Chi. Tan Tien and Universe: Again, raise your hands and charge with the Chi into the universe. Your hands are very big, very long. The bones are hollow and compacted with compressed Universal Chi. Scoop the Chi from above and guide it down. Pour all the way down, down, down to the navel. Touch the navel, and focus on the Door of Life opposite on the spine between L2/L3. Touch and feel the Chi penetrate to the Door of Life Tan Tien and Universe. Feel the Chi penetrate through to the back and out to the universe behind.

The Lower Tan Tien

Fig. 3.54 A. Recharge the Lower Tan Tien and penetrate through to the Door of Life.

B. Raise the hands up to the universe and charge with Chi. Bring the power down to Tan Tien.

2. Open this Lower Tan Tien the same way as for the Upper and Middle Tan Tiens. Charge more Chi into your hands, and let them be like lasers cutting it open. Cut around to the sides. Pause. The fingers of the left and right hands are very long, extended energetically inside. Cut and feel the energy penetrate into the center. Focus at Tan Tien and universe and feel more Chi.

Fig. 3.55 'Cut' open the Lower Tan Tien with Laser Fingers.

Tan Tien Tai Chi Chuan

3. Continue cutting to the Door of Life. Touch, and send the Chi from the Door of Life back to the navel and out to the universe in front.

Fig. 3.56 'Cut' open the Door of Life and send Chi to the navel and universe in front.

4. Move the hands back around the sides to the navel, extending the fingers and "cutting" the Tan Tien open as you go. Touch the navel: Tan Tien and the universe spiral-ing. Feel more Chi, and feel the Tan Tien open.

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