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The Microcosmic Orbit Meditation awakens, circulates and directs Chi through the 'Governing Channel', which ascends from the base of the spine up to the head and the 'Functional' or 'Conception Channel', which runs from the tip of the tongue down the middle of the torso to the perineum. Dedicated practice of this ancient esoteric method eliminates stress and nervous tension, energizes the internal organs, restores health to damaged tissue and builds a strong sense of personal well being.

The Microcosmic Orbit is the foundation of Cosmic Healing Chi Kung practice. Each new practice is dependent upon the high quality of your meditations and your ability to perfect the Microcosmic Orbit. In order to master Cosmic Chi Kung, one must practice meditation daily. The meditations in the Microcosmic Orbit also strengthen the 'Original Chi' and teach you the basics of circulating Chi. They allow the palms, the soles of the feet, the mideyebrow point and the crown to open. These specific locations are the major points where energy can be absorbed, condensed and transformed into fresh new life force.

O 1. Focus on the Lower Tan Tien (the area where the Original Chi is stored, between the navel, kidneys and sexual organs). Feel the pulsing in this area, observe whether this area feels tense or relaxed, cool or warm, expansive or contracting. Notice any sensations of Chi: tingling, heat, expansiveness, pulsing, electric or magnetic sensations. Allow these to grow and expand. Then let this energy flow out to the Navel Center.

C 2. Use your intention (mind-eye-heart power) to spiral in the navel point guiding and moving the Chi. Let the energy flow down to the sexual center (Ovarian or Sperm Palace).

O 3. Move the energy from the sexual center to the perineum and down to the soles of the feet.

O 4. Draw the energy up from the soles to the perineum and to the sacrum.

5. Draw the energy up from the sacrum to the Door of Life (the point in the spine opposite the navel).

6. Draw the energy up to the mid-spine point (the T-11 vertebrae).

7. Draw the energy up to the base of the skull (Jade Pillow). A 8. Draw the energy up to the crown.

A 9. Move the energy down from the crown to the mideyebrow point.

A 10. Touch the tip of your tongue to your upper palate, press and release a few times; then lightly touch the palate, sensing the electric or tingling feeling in the tip of the tongue. Move the energy down from the mideyebrow to where the tip of your tongue and palate meet.

O 11. Move the energy down from the palate through your tongue to the throat center. C 12. Move the energy down from the throat to the heart center. C 13. Bring the energy down from the heart to the solar plexus and feel a small sun shining out.

C 14. Bring the energy back down to the navel.

A 15. Continue to circulate your energy through this entire sequence of points, at least nine times. Once the pathways are open, you can let your energy flow continuously like a river of energy without needing to stop at each point.

16. Conclude when you wish by collecting energy at the navel.

Men: Cover your navel with both palms, left hand over right. Collect and mentally spiral the energy outward from the navel 36 times clockwise, and then inward 24 times counterclockwise.

Women: Cover your navel with both palms, right hand over left. Collect and mentally spiral the energy outward from the navel 36 times counterclockwise, and then inward 24 times clockwise. For details of this practice see the book, "Awaken Healing Light", by Mantak Chia.

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    How to store enrergy in navel in microcosmic orbit?
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