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1. Persons who suffer from prolonged or chronic headaches including those types termed 'migraine' headaches have an abnormal accumulation of energy in various parts of their bodies. Starting with the solar plexus, this energy follows a route up the vertebral column and thence into the neck and head. As a result the various blood vessels in the head expand, causing pain in the head area. Mental strain and emotional disturbances usually cause this type of headache.

2. Use a pushing movement to clean and open the solar plexus and liver areas. First use pale green/white, then pale blue/white and finally mauve/white chi to bring energy to the solar plexus area.

3. In order to send the 'sick' red chi into the ground, brush down the spinal column.

4. The back of the heart can be opened by pushing through in order to remove the dirty Chi. Then bring energy to the heart by using pale green/white and purple. Use your mind to see the heart center expanding and opening.

5. Brush down the dirty chi from the head area and send it into the earth.

6. Use a combination of pale green/white, blue and purple to bring energy to the back of the head, the crown point and the forehead.

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