Old Severe Burns Green and Red

1. Scan at the beginning and end of the treatment (Note:I do not think scan can be seen as plagiarism and I don't know what other word to use in this context as I do not have the full text)

2. The local area should be brushed first with pale green/white and then with pale tangerine white. Keep repeating but make sure to omit sensitive organs and the head area.

3. To speed up healing and reduce pain and infection, the damaged area should be filled with energy from pale blue white, pale green white and mauve with white Chi.

4. To help speed up the healing process, wait a few days until there is much less pain, then use pale green white and cerise mixed with white Chi. If the head area is affected, use mauve mixed with white in place of the cerise.

5. Brush in the sacral and navel areas and to speed up healing use white Chi.

6. After making your healing intent stable, release it.

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