Outline of Practice

The solar plexus is the clearing house for emotional energy and is situated in between the lower and higher energy centers and in the center of most of the internal organs. All the organs dump their negative emotions here. The internal organs can be cleansed by sweeping the solar plexus, energizing, cleaning and flushing it of sick energy. When you feel sick energy in the body, give the command: "Stay". This is very important; it makes sure that none of the cells hide from the dazzling light that you are sending in.

1. Scan; ask for the power to look at the cells.

2. Push, pull and give the command "Disperse". Push until you feel the solar plexus clear and open.

3. Spiral green Chi counterclockwise. Talk to the sick energy; tell it to "Leave", you will take it to "a better place, where it will be happy". Give the command "Out".

4. Spiral Blue Chi counterclockwise, flushing out any remaining sickness. Guide the sick energy into the earth.

5. Spiral and sweep Blue - Green and Red Chi into the solar plexus, sweep the organs. Do not use in cases where there is intestinal infection and internal bleeding (which can be worsened) or in the presence of pregnant women.

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