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Relax and Let go - Smile to Connect with the Universe Within

Smile to mideyebrow, eyebrows, eyes, mouth, jaw, tongue, lips, cheeks, ears, shoulders, ribcage and brain. Let the relaxed sensations and the 'Observer Mind' (Upper Brain) sink down into the Lower Tan Tien.

1. Smile to the mideyebrow. Relax and let go. Smile to the eyebrows and let them grow long to the sides. Lower these relaxed sensations down to the Tan Tien.

Lower Tan Tien
Fig. 3.5 Smile and Relax to the Mideyebrow and think of the eyebrows growing long.

2. Smile to the eyes: relax the eyes and feel how nice and cool they are. Let the eyes draw back in their sockets and start to sink down to the chest and gradually down to the abdomen, the home of your 'feeling and awareness mind'.

Fig. 3.6 Smile and relax the eyes, sink into the eye sockets and gradually feel the eyes dropping down into the Abdomen.

Fosa Temporal

3. Relax the two broad muscles extending from the outer portions of the upper lips across the cheekbones, and lightly smile feeling their connection to the upper front of the ears. Gradually feel the ears growing 'long', up and down. Feel the ears grow all the way down and connect to the kidneys.

Facial Express Muscles
Fig. 3.7 Smile to the Ears and listen to the Kidneys.

4. Open your mouth and relax your jaw, separating the upper and lower teeth. Feel the jaw relax. Once the jaw relaxes the shoulders will relax and drop down. Continue to feel the jaw relax until you feel the saliva start to come out. Relax down to the rib cage. Feel the rib cage drop down, softening all the joints, relaxing down to the Lower Tan Tien. Let the tongue relax back in the mouth. Feel the tongue start to drop down into the throat to the chest and all the way down to the navel sinking the 'floating' sensation down to the Lower Tan Tien.

5. Smile to the shoulders and relax until you feel the shoulders drop and the rib cage relax.

Qigong Teeth

Fig. 3.8 Relax the Jaw; and the Shoulders and Tongue will relax down to Lower Tan Tien.

Fig. 3.8 Relax the Jaw; and the Shoulders and Tongue will relax down to Lower Tan Tien.

Lightly close the lips, but keep the teeth slightly separated. Physically like smile with the corners of the mouth gently uplifted and the outer eyes softly crinkled up. Breathe through your nose. Smile into the brain and empty the upper (observing) mind down to the Tan Tien.

Become aware of your inner universe as a big empty space. Keep on sinking - sinking down, into the darkness of your empty space. Keep sinking and experience the vastness until you get closer and closer to the center, the 'original force.' Stay relaxed and alert so as to be able to see one dot of light. It becomes a galaxy spiraling inside you.

Do the above practice several times until you become familiar and comfortable with it.

Fig. 3.9 Bring the Senses down to the Tan Tien.

begin a edges child-of the begin a edges

Tan Tien Consciousness: Second Brain

Already terms have been used like 'upper mind', 'feeling and awareness mind' in the abdomen and lower 'Tan Tien'. In the next phase of practice, the 'conscious mind of the heart' is introduced. For those readers who have not been updated on the scientific and medical revelations of the recent era about a 'second' and 'third' brain, we offer the following information.

Along with this, there is the long-standing Taoist practice of cultivating and training consciousness in the Three Tan Tiens, especially the Lower Tan Tien. There is my own experience in participating in brain wave measurements and 'brain energy potential' research in recent years. The combination of all these areas of knowledge and experience in our time, makes Cosmic Healing practices accessible for our minds while also being very 'down to earth.' Now let's talk about the Lower Tan Tien.

In addition to its importance as the control center for the mechanics of the physical structure of the body, the Lower Tan Tien also houses a treasure of even more far-reaching significance. It has been a well-kept secret in the western world, as well as in most of the rest of the world: our Second Brain. Most of us who have had Taoist training in Chi Kung, Tai Chi, various Chi meditations or healing practices have often heard the reminder, 'Be aware of your Tan Tien.' But, do most people really 'get' the meaning of the injunction to always be conscious of the Tan Tien? Probably not. Further, do we use our Second Brain as much as we can? Definitely not.

In western terms, do we actually understand "Be aware of your Tan Tien" as being a way to train consciousness and awareness, like educating a brain in the abdominal area, in our Tan Tien? Probably not. Throughout the world, there are institutions to train the brain in the head. That is good. But, what about training the 'second brain' in the abdominal area? I didn't think of it exactly like that in western terms, either, even though that is exactly what I have been doing all of my life in my Taoist training and teaching.

Personal Revelation

Suddenly I came to understand a few things which are so simple and so important, and that's what I am going to share with you. It started in 1994 in Los Angeles when a clinical psychologist there, Dr. Rhonda Jessum, wanted to start testing me. I agreed to do the testing, but the machines at that time didn't tell me much. However, it was discovered that when I did the Inner Smile meditation, my brain waves went down dramatically -but at the same time, my 'beta' waves increased to a very high level. That means the waves showed that I could be driving a car, but that my brain should have been resting and sleeping. So the researchers said, "Hey, how did you do that?" I didn't understand either - because it was not clear to me either.

Fig. 3.10 First and Second Brains are linked.

Cosmic Healing Smile Gong

After that, I was invited to start testing in Europe by the Institute for Applied Biocybernetics and Feedback Research. My name is becoming known there because I teach in Europe a lot. One of the biggest institutes for training top athletes in Europe is in Vienna. They developed an instrument that can measure the brain's potential energy, which represents all the energy in the body. The doctors also said that this proves to the west that Chi exists, there is energy and a life force running in the body. That instrument picks it up in the brain and indicates how much potential brain energy you have. It also determines how much energy you have for the whole day and how much of that energy is for mental clarity and body power. They use these instruments to measure the athletes.

The study measures brainwave frequencies during four practices.

Cosmic Inner Smile

Cosmic Inner Smile

Cosmic Orbit

Six Healing Sounds

Six Healing Sounds

Fig 3.15

Orgasmic Upward Draw

Fig 3.15

Orgasmic Upward Draw

Fig. 3.16 Alpha and Theta Waves increasing during the Cosmic Inner Smile Meditation.

Theta Alpha Beta

Fig. 3.16 Alpha and Theta Waves increasing during the Cosmic Inner Smile Meditation.

Fig. 3.17 Ultraslow Brain potentials measurement while in Vienna.

Theta Alpha

Theta Alpha Beta

Theta Alpha Beta

Alpha Beta

Fig. 3.18 A. Altering dominance of alpha and theta waves during the Cosmic Orbit Meditation. B. Cosmic Healing Sounds Meditation, results in increases in alpha and theta frequencies. There are minimal beta brainwaves; the brain reaches a state of stillness and internal focus. C. Orgasmic Upward Draw Meditation increases the levels of alpha and theta.

Smile into the heart Soles of the feet Same heat in soles of feet, kidneys, head

Inner Smi|e Microcosmic Orbit 1 Collect Energy in Navel

Smile into Lungs & Kidneys Beginning \ 1 1 Heat up the N

Orgasmic Energy End

Fig. 3.19 Left and Right Brain Charts

It's interesting because the energy I have been describing in my teaching is exactly what they were measuring during their testing. So I went there and did the measurements with them. I just did the Inner Smile, smiling into my abdomen. They picked up these readings very quickly and said, "Your brain waves are going lower, lower and resting - and you are nearly in the sleeping state." At the same time, the muscle tension was very low, the heartbeat was very low and the skin resistance was very low. After that, I surged the energy up to the brain and they started to see that the energy actually charged up there. When we are thinking, worrying or feeling anger, shame or guilt - the energy level in the brain actually decreases, and the brain doesn't get charged up. They were quite amazed, and said, "Hey, this is what we're looking for!"

They asked me what I was doing. I said, "I'm smiling to my abdomen." They kept on talking to me and asking me questions. They discovered that this brain (in the head) was not very active at all, meaning that there was not much activity in the brain. It was still in a very light resting state. But, how could I answer their questions? They said, "Hey, look! Master Chia is talking to us in his sleep. How can he talk to us in his sleep?"

After that, I said, "Oh, I understand now." Because, throughout the whole practice of the Tao is the injunction, 'train the second brain in order to use the second brain.' It took the westerners a long time to understand that. So, when the article about the 'Hidden Brain in the Gut' came out in The New York Times,1 I started to understand that. You can be miserable; you can be happy; you can feel all kinds of feelings. But according to this article, they had also discovered that this brain in the gut, the enteric nervous system, can do a lot of functions. It says that this gut brain can send and receive impulses; it can record experience and respond to emotions. So, it is like a brain. In this article, they had only discovered that the large intestine and the small intestines have the same neurons as the brain cells. After that article, a new book, The Second Brain, was published.2

Now in medical science, I might add, they have begun to discover consciousness in the heart. They found that the heart can record a whole event, and it has its own brain. Dr. Paul Pearsall has written a new book, called The Heart's Code.3 They have found that people who have a heart transplant actually get the emotions of the donor. They actually experience whatever the donor experienced. One of the cases is that of a girl who was brutally killed, and they didn't know who killed her. But, the heart was OK; so, it was transplanted into another girl. After that, the girl started to get nightmares and described somebody killing her. Then she described how the killer looked. Finally, the mother took the girl to a psychiatrist, and he in turn contacted the police. The girl gave the police an exact description and a police artist drew a likeness of the killer. With the information provided by the girl, the police were able to go and arrest the man. Afterwards, when confronted with clear details of the crime, the man confessed that he was indeed guilty of this crime. So, from that experience, medical scientists and others came to realize that the heart can record all of an event and remember it.

1 "Complex and Hidden Brain in the Gut Makes Stomachaches and Butterflies," The New York Times, section C1, Tuesday, January 23, 1996

2 Gershon, Michael. The Second Brain (New York: Harper Collins Publishers Inc., 1998).

3 Pearsall, Paul, Ph.D. The Heart's Code (New York: Broadway Books, 1998)

Fig. 3.20 Heart's Code

The Lower Brain consumes less energy and can do a lot of daily work, like send and receive impulse records and experience and respond to emotions. When you lower down the Upper Mind, it will also lower the blood pressure and anxiety.

Fig. 3.21 Abdomen has it own Brain: the Awareness Mind.

On the second page of the Times' article, it says that even the large intestine is loaded with neurons. The question was posed, 'Can it learn?' But I say, "Hey, this goes back to 4,700 years of the Tao practice, which says: Train all the organs; train them how to do different things." You can rest the head brain when you're not using it -and use the brain in the gut. Why is it so important? Because the head brain is a 'monkey mind' riddled with doubt, shame, guilt and a suspicious mind. It is always thinking. Worrying, figuring things out things, head trips - it just keeps on, all the time. To be a God, you must let go of the past and empty the mind. Now we are in the information age; anything flits in - we think. Just one word flits in and we start an entire string of thought. When somebody says one bad word to you, you can think and figure it out for three days and three nights. 'How am I going to get revenge? How am I going to get revenge?'

Scientists have discovered that when people worry too much, thinking, planning, etc., this brain actually uses up a lot of energy. Depending on the type of person-some people are very physical types who use very little brain energy, but their physical body consumes a lot of energy. However, most people think and think and think. So the scientists give an approximation, by way of a percentage. This is just a number for comparison, not an exact number. They say that this brain in the head can use up to 80% of the body's energy. So, what happens is you have only 20% left for the organs. Fig. 3.22 Cross-section of the neurons in the Large Intestine.

According to the information about the brain in the gut, they have discovered that the brain in the head and the brain in the gut can do some similar jobs. For example, this brain in the gut is the emotional and the feeling brain. In the west you have the expres

sions, 'I feel you from my gut' and 'I have a gut feeling about something.' Why do people mention a gut feeling? Obviously people have some feeling in their gut. It's very interesting that the whole Tao practice is feeling, awareness and consciousness - using this gut to feel, to be aware, and to be conscious.

You can rest, relax the brain in the head by using the 'brain in the gut.' This is the first step. The first thing we learn in the Tao is to forgive and let go. When we keep on remembering past negative emotions, we will stop seeing the truth. To let go of the past is to empty the mind and use the abdominal mind, the awareness and consciousness. Here's an interesting point in the way of the Tao: This gut brain can do a lot of simple functions that are similar to the functions of the brain in the head. This is a feeling and awareness type of functioning similar to many of our 'right brain' functions. However, we need to use the brain in the head in order to perform complex functions such as reasoning, making plans and making complex calculations. For rational functions, we need to use the brain in the head for the 'left brain' functions.

For our daily life of consciousness, awareness and feeling, we can use either the brain in the gut or the brain in the head. When we use the upper brain less, it will become charged with more energy and its power will be increased - and more power will be available to the body. That is why we say in Taoism, that we have to train the brain in the gut, so that we can use it when the brain in the head is resting. When the head brain is resting, it can be recharged: brain repair and maintenance occurs. Also, it can grow new brain cells. With more charging we have more power for creativity or whatever we want to use it for. If we like, we can use it to develop our higher spiritual nature.

Fig. 3.23 When you are not using the Upper Brain allow it to rest by sending it down to the Lower Tan Tien.

The simple thing is, that for the same job that the head brain or the gut brain can do, the head brain charges you eighty dollars. The gut brain only charges you twenty dollars. So, which one do you want to use? No, of course we are not that silly to use this overpriced person for the same work. But when we come to our own actual life, we don't know how to do it. We always use this mind, this high-priced brain. To add to this, we continue using it and using it, until the brain energy is completely consumed - no more energy. When you get to a certain level the brain is empty. These brain energy measurements are not only for indicating mental energy levels, they also represent energy conditions for the whole body and spiritual energy.

Whenever I smile down, the brain waves go lower and lower very quickly - and the transformed energy from the Tan Tien and organs charges up the brain in the head! Just by flexing the facial muscles into the mode we use with a genuine smile, we can produce the effects on the nervous system that normally goes with the natural sponta neous feeling. We can actually make ourselves relaxed and happy by taking advantage of this built-in human mechanism. It's natural. Just do it! Learning to smile down to the abdominal area and maintain the awareness of the relaxed, smiling sensation in the Tan Tien is the first step in training the Second Brain! Think about it: Pure awareness and consciousness can change attitudes and emotions carried in the DNA.

Remember: Number 1: "Empty your mind down to the Tan Tien, and fill the Tan Tien with Chi." An axiom in the Tao is, where the mind goes the Chi follows. And, Number 2: "When your mind is empty, it will be filled!" This means that when the organs have extra energy, the extra organ energy will rise up and fill the brain with Chi.

Fig. 3.24 When the mind is empty, transformed energy from all the organs can charge the brain with Chi.

Practice Three Minds into One: 'Yi' Power

Smile into your heart. Lower the Observation Mind, then the Heart Mind down to the Tan Tien. With the Feeling/Awareness Mind, Spiral the three minds into one.

1. Smile into your heart. Make it feel soft. Feel love. Feel joy. Feel happy and feel compassion in your heart. Feel the heart spiral.

2. Spiral in the upper mind. Lower your upper mind, the observation mind, down to the Tan Tien in your navel area.

3. Turn the consciousness in your heart, activated by your love and softness, down to your Tan Tien.

4. Combine the upper and middle minds with the energy of the feeling/awareness mind of the entire nervous system - the Second Brain in the abdomen. Merge the three minds into one mind by spiraling their energy, blending them together as one in the

Tan Tien.


Make the Heart feel soft


Make the Heart feel soft

When the three minds merge into one they become the 'Yi' power, the three-mind power - activate the spiraling at the mideyebrow, crown and the soles of your feet - expand to the universe in six directions: up, down, front, back, left and right. Once you get it, the Yi, we will start to activate the six directions and the three fires. Fig. 3.25 A. The Heart softens like a rose blossoming. Spiral the Upper Tan Tien(towneLpwest Tan Tien and Three Mind 'Yi' Power.


Three Minds into One Yi Mind Power


Three Minds into One Yi Mind Power

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