Projecting Healing Energy through the Fingers

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Emitting Chi from the fingers for healing is known in China as the "One Finger Art." Because the various energy channels of the arms either end or begin at the fingertips, the fingers are very effective instruments for projecting healing energy. Your fingers can focus energy like a laser beam toward a concentrated area such as a specific acupuncture point. You can also emit energy from all the fingers at once creating a combined effect to target an area. Part IV of Cosmic Chi Kung will stimulate all of the arm channels and will give you an opportunity to activate all of the fingers for beaming energy.

Fig. 8.92 "One Finger Art"

Projecting Energy Through Image

Fig. 8.92 "One Finger Art"

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  • steffen
    Can fingers emit energy?
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    Do the fingertips emit energy?
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