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In some religions and spiritual paths, there is a great emphasis on surrender and letting go. This is actually a form of relaxation. Taoist practices emphasize relaxation, letting go, and emptiness. When a person is relaxed, the muscles are open, the breathing is soft, and the energy can flow through the channels of the body. There is no resistance and no fighting. This allows the creative and higher forces to flow into us.

Most religions have a similar process. To contact the higher self and the higher forces, one needs to let go and surrender in order to reach the level where one can be in contact and become one with the higher forces. Through the surrender of control, one opens up and touches the forces of nature. However, if you continue to surrender and let go, you will lose the energy you have sent out. In the long term, this will gradually drain you. The force will suck the energy out of you, rather than help you to bring the energy into yourself. To avoid this, at the moment that one is in touch with the higher forces, one again becomes aware of oneself and his or her own energy. One is then able to project his or her own thoughts, intentions and patterns into the force, integrating the outer with the doubling or tripling inner energies. You can bring this force back to your place, your house and into yourself.

One must remain open and empty while using one's intentions, mind and Chi to draw the energy into oneself. What might initially appear to be a paradox is reformed as one does the practice and learns how to be empty and open and to simultaneously retain enough consciousness to draw the force into oneself.

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