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This session can be used for any kind of ailment and carried out with any number of students. It is important to remember that if there is no energy in your Tan Tien, then there will be no energy to work with. When you are aware of your Chi, you can direct heavenly light straight into your energy body and then into the student's.

General Cleansing Procedure

1. Push and pull the energy through the student's body. Push and disperse the sick energy into the universe and out to the planets, where it will be transformed and recycled.

2. Pull the energy back and stop it between yourself and the student.

3. Spiral the energy counterclockwise until you see the green light mix and clean the sick energy. Spiral and flush the energy down into the earth.

4. Spiral with blue light; see it mix and flush the energy within the student's body. Spiral this energy down to the ground.

5. Energize the student with white or violet light.

6. You can also use both hands to channel Chi when you 'push and pull' through the body.

7. Spiral in - spiral clockwise to bring energy into the body and energize it.

8. Spiral out - spiral counterclockwise to cleanse, flush and remove energy.

9. When you begin pushing, pulling and sweeping, you may feel resistance in the body. As you progress and the energy centers open, this feeling will diminish.

10. There are many color combinations that can be applied to the various parts of the body. When you start practice, stick to the basic 'blue, green, white, violet and blue' formula. When you are working on a specific area, you can keep this book near by, or write a short 'color recipe' before you begin. In this way, you will be able to relax your mind.

11. 'Pushing and pulling' is like fanning and venting the body; when you fan your hands in front of your face, it will have a cooling effect. Ventilation enables the stagnant, sick energy to leave the body.

Below is a list of the body's organs in relation to their tendency to 'store heat'. They are listed in descending order, i.e, the head is the hottest.

Head, heart, liver, lung, stomach and spleen, large intestine and small intestine, kidneys and sexual organs (which become hot when aroused).

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