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The Six Healing Sounds enhance Therapeutic Work

Everyone has heard stories about gifted beings who possess great healing powers. People seek out gifted healers. Yet even in the best of circumstances, how much time can a great healer spend with you? One hour a day? An hour a week? What about the rest of the time? Thus you must learn how to take care of yourself; you must learn how to clear out your negative energy and transform it into positive healthy energy. If you maintain yourself in this way it will surely enhance any other therapy you are receiving.

The Six Healing Sounds are a simple yet powerful tool to promote physical, energetic and emotional healing and balance. If you are healing others, you can teach your students one or two of the Six Healing sounds each session, to enhance the effects of your therapeutic work. During the practice of the sound the resting period is very important. Growing the good virtue of the organs is essential so the negative or sick energy has less room to grow.

The sounds are also used to generate certain frequencies for specific healing. Each sound can generate different energy for the healing of the different organs.

Once the movements, sounds and information have been integrated into your practice you can simplify and make the Six Healing Sounds more powerful. For example, when you are settled into the lung sound and you are breathing white healing light and feel the mideyebrow wide open, you put the awareness in the 'Tan Tien and Universe'.

Chi will flow from the universe into the Tan Tien and just the right amount and quality will flow from the Tan Tien into the lungs and large intestine. Just set up the location (the organ) and connect to the universe and the Chi will flow to the correct location! When doing these, the eyes are open only while making the sound.

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Become A More Spiritual Person Today

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  • 10000_things
    do you know of any good clips with the 6 healing sounds?
    9 years ago

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