Solar Plexus Blue

The Solar Plexus is the connection point for practically all the nerves inside the body. That is why it becomes laden with emotions so easily. When the Solar Plexus jams up and overheats, the liver will overheat; when this happens, the heart will also overheat; this will in turn affect the thyroid and parathyroid; finally the brain will be affected. Cleaning out this center is therefore extremely important. This type of cleaning may be done from the top down (as in the general cleansing session) or aimed at the Solar Plexus directly. Draw the green light, spiral it, flush with the green light, then energize with white and violet light. As before, always allow the energy to stream through both the points fully. The Solar Plexus holds all the emotions. When working on the Solar Plexus, the most important thing to remember is to connect the backside to the universe. There is literally no end to the 'other' end of this connection. Just allow the Chi to come all the way down and slightly pull inwards a little. Simply clean out the path. Allow the information to condense, allow any images to come out. Then stabilize the energy. Picture the Chi-field enveloping the person as a big protective bubble. Cool down with blue.

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    How to cool down the solar plexus?
    9 years ago

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