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Working on the Heart Muscle:

Clean out the Solar Plexus as outlined above. Push and pull with green and blue. Detoxify the liver, flush with green. Enhance with white and violet light.

Use the finger to work on the lower left and upper right part of the heart.

Remember that the heart muscle is very delicate.

You draw the force, you spiral and you push.

Stabilize with white.

For enlarged heart use blue.

Carefully use the red light to balance the blood and open the blood vessels.

Sweep the sacrum with green, red and blue.

Sweep the solar plexus with green, blue, red, white and violet.

Energize and cool down the throat center, using blue.

Working on Hypertension (High Blood Pressure):

Overactive adrenals/ kidneys often cause hypertension. Clean out the solar plexus first, because the adrenals (T11) are connected to it. The adrenal glands produce adrenaline, the hormone that stimulates the heart to pump. Overactive adrenal glands will eventually affect the heart. Tune-up the Door of Life with blue, calming it. Take the pressure from the heart, use green. Energize the heart, use violet. Flush down from head to feet with blue;

The basic problem with hypertension is that the Chi goes up and cannot come down. Work on the sacrum, using orange and yellow.

Working on Hypotension (Low Blood Pressure):

In hypotension the Door of Life and T11 are underactive.

First clean out the Solar Plexus, this time focus on removing blocks or stuck energy.

Energize the Door of Life, using green and red.

Energize the Sacrum (same colors).

Energize the Base of Skull with green and violet.

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