Transform the Sexual Energy

Once you feel the Tan Tien is warm enough, smile down and bring the warm Chi down to the sexual organs; women bring the Chi down to the uterus, men bring the Chi down to the testicles. It may feel like the 'sun shining on the water'. The rays of the sun purify the water until it becomes rising steam. Keep smiling down to the sexual organs and feel the warm or fiery feeling from the navel area continue to flow down to the sexual organs; this transforms the sexual energy into Chi, and this Chi rises up the spine into the brain helping to activate the 'crown' and 'mideyebrow' energy centers.

Focus your awareness in the sacrum. At the very tip of the sacrum there is a hole in the coccyx. Breathe into this hole until you feel some activity there. This may be felt as tingling, numbness or pulsing. If you can really activate this point it will generate 'suction'. Be aware of the sacrum opening. Feel the suction force pulling through the hole in the tailbone (sacral hiatus); breathe into it until you feel it becomes activated. When the sacrum is activated you will feel the suction easily, as well as breathing in the cranium and mideyebrow. Keep on gently smiling and softly breathing into the Tan Tien and feel the suction in the abdomen. Focus 95 % of your awareness in the Tan Tien and 5 % in the sacrum, the crown and the mideyebrow. Be aware of the Tan Tien breathing and observe internally the pulsing and breathing in the sacrum, the mideyebrow and the crown. Do this 36 times.

Tan Tien Massage
Fig. 2.1 Smile down to the Lower Tan Tien. 20

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