Purple Energy Gates

Violet Chi has the properties of all the other colors. It's used for severe types of sickness.

The qualities found in all colors are contained in purple chi, therefore it is particularly effective for serious illnesses. Mauve (light purple) chi which contains elements of blue and green, helps to restore organs and nerves affected by disease or trauma. Although mauve chi can be employed on certain kinds of severe infections, chi which is dark purple should be avoided when diseases of the respiratory system are present, as it could cause the proliferation of disease causing microbes. Violet Chi is use chi that is pale white/green or pale white/tangerine and, selecting each in turn, with a brushing movement apply to the whole spinal area and especially to the area where the trauma is located.

If purple chi is used in combination with other colors, it will intensify their qualities and if used together with red, tangerine or yellow chi can be dangerous; it may cause the undesirable proliferation of some cells.

Dark electric violet can be used for tumors or cancers. Always use the blue or green first.

In order to make an area which has become weak stronger, mauve mixed with white can be used, but for really fast strengthening use cerise mixed with white. Both white and violet have the properties of all the Chi colors. The difference is that violet Chi has a greater penetrating effect and is easier to assimilate than white. Because bright purple chi has been acted upon by the soul, it has the capacity for independent thought and action. Energy or chi which comes from the air, the earth and the sun is called purple chi. There is a second type of chi with this color, but having more brightness - this has been called bright purple chi and is derived from the soul through the crown of the head, the point connected to the North Star or Big Dipper.

Bright purple chi can only be brought down from the universe via the crown point if the practitioner has highly developed senses, The effects of chi from air, earth and the sun depends on the development of the practitioner's soul.

In contrast to purple chi, the chi which is bright purple in color has a much greater potency because it can help in the restoration of nerves and organs which have been affected either by disease or trauma. This bright purple chi can be used to remove infection and to promote fast healing, even in the case of serious illness. In addition, this chi has been said to possess its own consciousness (Master Choa Kok Sui. Advanced pranic healing:49)

When cancer and other growths are being treated, use bright purple chi because it has the ability to destroy. However, beforehand, the affected area should be energized with pale blue chi.

Do not use bright purple chi at the same time as chi which is yellow, green, tangerine or red because it will intensify and increase the effects of these colors. In addition, the use of any dark colors with bright purple chi (either preceding or following its use) should be avoided, as this will produce a very damaging result. As a general guideline, use blue before electric violet.

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