Electromagnetic Radiation and Human Health

How To Beat Electrical Sensitivity

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Electromagnetic Waves Scattering By Vegetation

Schemi Ramificazione Albero

A vegetation canopy generally consists of many types of vegetative elements, such as leaves, branches, stems, and stalks. The distribution of leaves and branches is not uniformly random, they actually occur in random clusters locally in a plant or tree. A major problem in assessing their influence on the propagation of electromagnetic waves is to model their structurally complex and time-varying properties. However, recent mathematical advances have provided useful means for plant modeling based on fractals Mandelbrot, 1983 or Lindenmayer systems (L-systems) Prusinkiewicz and Lindenmayer, 1990 . In the modeling of vegetation, L-systems have proven to be successful from a practical perspective. In the remote sensing research, plant models generated by L-systems have been applied to study the transport of light in vegetation canopies Goel et al. 1991 . For microwave and millimeter waves, the use of L-systems is important because one can then include coherent addition and coherent wave...

Characterizations And Simulations

The scattering of electromagnetic waves by random media depends on the positions of the particles. A dense medium denotes a medium where the particles are densely packed and occupy appreciable fractional volume. In the random medium, the probability density function (pdf) of particle positions pifi) is uniformly random. However, because of the finiteness of particle size, the joint probability density function of two particle positions cannot be independent. If is the joint probability density function

Opening the Three Tan Tiens

Opening the Three Tan Tiens to the Six Directions is just another one of the many resources the Taoist practitioner uses to connect with the universe. The practice combines the power of the mind with the extension of Chi. This combination allows our personal consciousness to directly connect to the patterns and matrices of energy in the universe. When we put our thoughts into the web of the universe, we transform the electromagnetic energy into a force that is accessible to us. The combination of mind power and energy is what allows us to establish a relationship to these creative forces and the high sources of energy.

The Pineal Gland as a Sensor of PRANA or QI

Images Pineal Gland Midbrain

How, and w ith w hich parts of t heir b odies, do liv ing c reatures sense c hanges in th e electromagnetic field Here I would like to i ntroduce a n i nteresting experiment A tiny electrode was inserted into the pineal gland of the exposed brain of a guinea pig, and a helmholtz coil was set around the animal's head. We then created an artificial magnetic field, and c hecked t he reaction of t he n erve cells in th e pineal g land. T he am ount of electric discharge was seen to change with changes to the magnetic field (Figure 1-2). This reaction was visible only in the pineal gland, leading us to deduce that the pineal gland reacts to the magnetic field.

Self Healing and Wholeness

Chi Healing

Thus, to ensure both physical health and spiritual growth, an abundant supply of Chi (bio-electromagnetic energy) is needed. This accumulation of Chi is indispensable for creating the right kind of pressure to sustain and enhance the free and optimal flow of energy throughout the whole body. Chi is needed to activate the blood and lymph flows, the flow of the cerebrospinal fluids, the nerves, the endocrine glands and hormones, the fasciae and the tendons, bones, muscles and all the cells of the body.

Harmony of Fasciae Tendons and

Cavities The Body

A Taoist would describe the body as internally consisting of the vital internal organs and the Chi energy which services them. Externally the body is comprised of bones, tendons, muscles and the fasciae which contain them. If you recall, bones are moved by the action of muscle contractions which pull on the tendons that are attached to the bones. Blood is said to move muscles and Chi to move blood. Thus, the Taoist Master strives to create and protect the Chi and the blood. This Chi, as an electromagnetic energy is unseen, while the muscles, tendons, bones and fasciae are quite visible. Practice consists of working both the visible and the invisible as an expression of the harmony of Yin and Yang.

Creation Inseparable from Vibration

If we were to consider Inomata's theory for a moment as the basic theory of qigong, what conclusions would be draw Surely one conclusion would be that existence is a form of creation, and creation is inseparable from vibration. Another would be that creation exists with vibration. Physical energy (E) has vibration, which takes the form, for instance, of electromagnetic waves or electric power waves. Matter has vibration at the level of atoms or elementary particles. At the atomic level, material consists of particles and vibrations this idea is the basis of quantum physics. Does consciousness have vibration When your sense of qi has improved, you will know that qi has various characteristics it can be soft, rough, cold, warm, soothing, disturbing, etc. Music can move us when the players send us their conscious energy through the sound. Brain wave activity appears as a result of conscious activity. I believe that vibration is a natural element in consciousness too. Matter at its most...

Living Energy Field

Electric eels have electromagnetic fields around their bodies that they use to catch their prey. In 1958 Dr. Lissman of Cambridge University surprised people when he was able to catch a fish using a m agnet. While studying freshwater fish in Africa, he came upon a specimen of knife fish that measured 1.6 meters in length. The doctor placed a powerful horseshoe-shaped m agnet on t he s urface of the w ater and t he fish swam toward it. When the doctor moved the magnet the fish followed after (Figure 1-1). Knife fish are known io produce an electromagnetic field around their bodies. Lissman in vestigated further, a nd f ound that t his k ind of f ish produces a n electromagnetic field a round its body. . The fish was i ntermittently releasing three to five volts, at frequencies of up to 300 times per second. The fish a lso s howed a great sensitivity to elec trical c harge, an d r eacted to ev en m inuscule c hanges in elec tric potential. M any electric fish are now known to be s...

The Role of the Reflection of Qi Muscle Power Test

Avoid locations near electrical appliances. These appliances produce strong electromagnetic waves which can weaken finger power and alter test results. Water has a dynamic order with vibrating H20 molecules. The structure of the vibration of water can be compared to synchronized swimming. When water is treated in the microwave oven, the violent vibration of the electromagnetic waves destroy the dynamic order. Such drinking water does not exist in nature. And humans do have the ability to sense this distinction.

Electromagnetic Pollution

In particular, high-voltage cables disturb qi because of their strong electromagnetic fields. People have finally started to discuss this as a form of pollution. Under normal conditions, electromagnetic waves cannot be recognized despite the substantial threat that they pose to our health. It is reported that a larger number of traffic accidents occur near high-voltage cables than elsewhere. If you suffer from poor health and at the same time you use a machine that produces strong electromagnetic waves, or you live near high-voltage cables, it may be worth considering a change. Living near a highway does not seem to be healthy either. Industrial medicine has also begun to consider this subject. What you can do when looking for a place to live is to do your best to find a place that is in a natural setting and that has good feng shui conditions, while at the same time strengthening your own energy with qigong against negative qi from unpleasant factors in your environment. As another...

Learn Qigong

Bar Magnetic Showing Lines Force

Electric eels have electromagnetic fields around their bodies that they use to catch their prey. In 1958 Dr. Lissman of Cambridge University surprised people when he was able to catch a fish using a magnet. Lissman investigated further, and found that this kind of fish produces an electromagnetic field around its body. The fish was intermittently releasing three to five volts, at frequencies of up to 300 times per second. The fish also showed a great sensitivity to electrical charge, and reacted to even minuscule changes in electric potential. Many electric fish are now known to be surrounded by an electromagnetic field that they use to catch prey, communicate with one another, or protect themselves from predators. Knife fish are known to produce an electromagnetic field around their bodies. Today, magnetic disorder is known to be closely correlated with poor functioning of the autonomic nervous system and aggravation of diseases of the heart and circulatory system, stomach ulcers,...

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