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If the posture in meditation practice is incorrect, the body will be tense and this will affect the smooth Qi circulation and also disturb the mind. "(When) shape (i.e. body posture) is not correct, then the Qi will not be smooth. (Conversely, when) the Qi is not smooth, the Yi (i.e. Wisdom Mind) will not be at peace. (When) the Yi is not at peace, then the Qi is disordered."18

From this, you can see that the purposes of regulating the body are:

1. To find the most natural, relaxed, and comfortable posture or position for meditation. This will allow the Qi to flow freely, with the breathing natural and smooth, and with the mind relaxed and focused, so the Shen can be raised up to a higher level.

2. To provide the best conditions for self-internal-feeling. When your physical body is regulated correctly, your feeling can reach to a deep and profound level. Your judgment will be more accurate. The efficiency of your mind-body communication will increase to a high level. It is through this profound feeling that your mind is able to lead the Qi to circulate effectively in the body.

3. To coordinate and harmonize the physical center and mental center. By using the Yi (It) (Wisdom Mind) and correct feeling, you can bring your physical center and mental center to a high level of coordination and harmony.

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