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How do you form a correct 'Finger Sword' and what is its function?

N. Dombrowski, Manchester.

When practising Bagua Qigong, Jade Pillar Gong and Swimming Dragon we use the 'Finger Sword' technique. To make a correct Finger Sword: Keep the index finger and the middle finger straight and together (don't open them), and close the other three fingers. This is a Finger Sword. The Finger Sword is one of the transmission techniques. On the index finger is the Shangyang point which is connected to the Large Intestine channel, on the middle finger is the Zhongchong point which is connected to the Pericardium channel. These acupuncture points release Qi out. The Finger Sword is different from palm transmission. The

more focused for particular areas. (See diagram.) M.T.

I am a medical student. Since I began practising Qigong and Taiji I find my hands feel very hot when I touch patients. Why is this? C. Baddon. Manchester.

This feeling is probably caused by the Qi in your hands because Qi covers many things: Heat, electricity, radiation, magnetic fields, etc. Particularly for someone who has been practising Qigong, the acupuncture points and channels will normally be more open and sensitive. So when you touch the patients you might feel their energy or you release your energy and this will create heat.

On the other hand, you might be nen ous and this will make your hand hot as well.

Why do we see colours when practising Qigong? P. Blakey. Vancouver.

the acupuncture point located on the fore-head (see diagram), will open and you might be able to see things that 'normal' people can not.

You might see Qi which has many colours: Green form the liver, red from the heart, yellow from the spleen, white from the lungs and black and purple from the kidneys. Some are able to even see the channels, the skeleton even the past and the future. This all depends on your level and what potential you have inherited.

Some people can see a lot of these things without practising Qigong, they are born with it. For some people it can just happen after an illness or accident which causes the Sky-eye to open. Children in particular can see a lot of colours, but as they grow up they loose this ability. The area of the Sky-eye is connected to the brain. Each of us have a lot of potential that we have never used.

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Gong For Large Intestine

stingy man asked painter to pint a portrait of him, and offered him a totai of three cash for the paper, ink and the artist's fee. So ' the painter used coarse paper and drew the back of the man's head. The man was surprised and said to the artist: *A portrait shouid show a person's countenance. Why have you drawn the back of my headr The artist's repiy was-. 'My advice to a person as stingy as you is not to show your face to others



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