Liu He Ba Fa Techniques

Xingyiquan is practiced at a fast speed, although with the muscles first relaxed and then tensed, and power is developed and concentrated in the Dan Tian (frĀ®). If you are interested in studying more about Xingyiquan, please refer to the book Hsing Yi Chuan, available from YM^A Publication Center.

Liu He Ba Fa

According to tradition, Liu He Ba Fa & A- & ) was created during the Song dynasty (960-1280 A.D., $4(1) by Chen Bo (*#), a hermit living on Hua Shan (Mount Hua, $ It combines the strategy and techniques of Taijiquan,

Xingyiquan, and Baguazhang. The training contains the soft within the hard and the hard within the soft. Its strategy employs straight line forward and backward movements as well as circular movements. It utilizes all three fighting ranges (short, middle, and long), but does not emphasize high kicking techniques. It is normally taught to those who have already learned the three previous styles, because they are more likely to understand the essence of the three and mix and apply the techniques skillfully and effectively. Liu He Ba Fa uses Liu He (The Six Combinations, * -&-) as its theory and Ba Fa (The Eight Methods, a. &) as its practice. The Six Combinations are:

1. The body combines and coordinates with the mind.

2. The mind combines and coordinates with the idea.

3. The idea combines and coordinates with the Qi (inner energy, & )

4. The Qi (inner energy, &) combines and coordinates with the spirit (Shen, #).

5. The spirit combines and coordinates with the movements.

6. The movements combine and coordinate with the universe.

These Six Combinations are achieved by means of The Eight Methods:

1. Qi (Breath, %.): Controlling the breath through concentration.

2. Gu (Bone, $ ): Mustering force within the bones.

3. Xing (Shape, % ): Imitating the various forms and postures.

4. Sui (Following, ft): Fluidly combining with the opponent's moves.

5. Ti (Lift, & ): Feeling that one is suspended by the top of the head.

6. Huan (Return, 4 ): Balancing motion and posture.

7. Le (Reserve, to ): Maintaining peace and calmness of mind.

8. Fu (Conceal, fc ): Refraining from exposing one's intentions prematurely.


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