Sealing the Vein and Sealing the Breath

Sealing the Vein (Duan Mai, Kiffc)

Strictly speaking, sealing the vein can also be classified as a cavity press because the vein is sealed by striking a cavity However, Chinese martial artists consider it separately from cavity press because the injury principle is different. The objective of sealing the vein is to cause unconsciousness or even death by stopping the flow of blood to the head, cutting off the oxygen supply to the brain. Therefore, the cavities used for sealing the vein are mainly located in the neck.

There are two principal ways to seal the vein: striking and compressing. When certain cavities on the neck near the carotid artery are struck, it will affect the Qi circulation in that area and shock the nerves around the cavity. This will in turn cause the muscle to spasm, blocking the artery and completely or partially sealing the blood supply to the brain. When a person does not receive oxygen to the brain for five to ten seconds, he or she will lose consciousness. Another way of sealing the vein is to compress the side of the neck by choking to seal the artery and stop the oxygen supply.

The person whose vein has been sealed can be revived within a few minutes without damage to the brain. Usually, a palm strike to a certain spot on the spine will release the muscle tension in the neck and allow the blood to flow freely again. After the person is revived, a soft massage of the neck muscles will expedite recovery.

Sealing the Breath (Bi Qi, Ffl

Sealing the breath is a technique that causes a person to lose consciousness by restricting the supply of air to the lungs so that the person cannot breathe. There are two main categories of sealing the breath. In one, the wind pipe is sealed by being grasped and compressed, which completely stops the lungs from taking in air, thus causing unconsciousness or even death. In the other, the channels around the lungs or the channels which are associated with the lungs are struck. The lungs are protected by the ribs, which are covered with layers of muscles inside and outside. In an ordinary strike, only the muscles on the outside of the ribs are affected. However, if the appropriate cavity on the chest or back is struck, the muscles inside the ribs will also be shocked. They will tighten up and prevent the lungs from expanding and taking in air.

Usually, this type of sealing the breath will cause only a partial sealing of the lungs. Most of the time the person will lose consciousness because of lack of oxygen, but will not die. If an injured person is not revived for a long time, death might result. But generally the person will recover. To speed recovery, apply pressure with the palm to the side of the chest that is not in spasm. This will balance the pressure and help to release the spasm. The person can also be revived by throwing water on him or her.

Sealing the breath can be caused by striking the cavities just above and below the nipple, the solar plexus, the stomach muscles, or any of several cavities on the back.

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