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What is Qi?

In order to understand Qigong, you must first understand Qi. Qi is the energy or natural force which fills the universe. There are three general types of Qi. Heaven (the sky or universe) has Heaven Qi (Tian Qi, which is made up of the forces which the heavenly bodies exert on the earth, such as sunshine, moonlight, and the moon's affect on the tides. The Earth has Earth Qi (Di Qi, which absorbs the

Heaven Qi, and is influenced by it. Humans have Human Qi (Ren Qi, which is influenced by the other two. In ancient times, the Chinese believed that it was Heaven Qi which controlled the weather, climate, and natural disasters. When this Qi or energy field loses its balance, it strives to rebalance itself. Then the wind must blow, rain must fall, even tornadoes and hurricanes must happen in order for the Heaven Qi to reach a new energy balance. Heaven Qi also affects Human Qi, and divination and astrology are attempts to explain this.

Under Heaven Qi is Earth Qi. It is influenced and controlled by Heaven Qi. For example, too much rain will force a river to flood or change its path. Without rain, the plants will die. The Chinese believe that Earth Qi is made up of lines and patterns of energy, as well as the earth's magnetic field and the heat concealed underground. These energies must also balance, otherwise disasters such as earthquakes will occur. When the Qi of the earth is balanced, plants will grow and animals will prosper. Also, each individual person, animal, and plant has its own Qi field, which always seeks to be balanced. When any individual thing loses its balance, it will sicken, die, and decompose.

You must understand that all natural things, including humans, grow within, and are influenced by, the natural cycles of Heaven Qi and Earth Qi. Since you are part of this nature (Dao), you must understand Heaven Qi and Earth Qi. Then you will be able to adjust yourself, when necessary, to fit more smoothly into the natural cycle, and you will learn how to protect yourself from the negative influences in nature. This is the major goal of Qigong practice.

From this you can see that in order to have a long and healthy life, the first rule is that you must live in harmony with the cycles of nature, and avoid and prevent the negative influences. The Chinese have researched nature for thousands of years. Some of the information on the patterns and cycles of nature has been recorded in books, one of which is the Yi Jing {Book of Changes, $ & ). This book gives the average person formulas to trace when the season will change, when it will snow, when a farmer should plow or harvest. You must remember that nature is always repeating itself. If you observe carefully, you will be able to see many of these routine patterns and cycles caused by the rebalancing of the Qi fields.

Over thousands of years the Chinese have researched the interrelationships of all things in nature, especially in regard to human beings. From this experience, they have created various Qigong exercises to help bring the body's Qi circulation into harmony with nature's cycles. This helps to avoid illnesses caused by weather or seasonal changes.

After a long period of research and study, the Chinese also discovered that through Qigong practice they were able to strengthen their Qi or internal energy circulation, and slow down the degeneration of the body, gaining not only health but also a longer life. The realization that such things were possible greatly spurred new research.

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Heal Yourself With Qi Gong

Heal Yourself With Qi Gong

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