Eighth Piece

Seven disorders and hundreds of illnesses disappear and are left behind your back; hundreds of illnesses are caused because the body is weak. The feet up, achievement is hard to describe by pen. The head up and press down to reach to the end of the toes. Hold the waist, and hold the chest, up and down movements. (It is) effective in getting rid of sickness and eliminating disasters (illness).

Figure 4-38

Practice: There are three parts to this exercise. First, drop both hands down naturally beside your body. Stand still and keep your mind calm. Rise up on your toes and stay as high as you can for three seconds, and then lower your feet to the floor (Figures 4-38 and 4-39). Repeat twenty-four times. Next, place your hands on your waist, and again raise yourself up on your toes for three seconds, and then let yourself down. Do this also twenty-four times (Figures 4-40 and 4-41). Finally, hold your hands in front of your chest and again raise yourself twenty-four times (Figure 4-42 and 4-43). The different hand positions serve different Qi circulation functions. After you finish this piece, stand still, keep your mind calm, and breathe smoothly and regularly for about three minutes.

Discussion: This piece is used to smooth out the Qi from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet. When you raise yourself up on your toes, you are stimulating six of the Qi channels, which are connected to internal organs. The three hand positions, which are the same as in the fourth piece, help to regulate the Qi in different parts of your body.

Figure 4-39

Chapter 5

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