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Before you start your Qigong training, you must first understand the three treasures of life: Jing (essence, H), Qi (internal energy, IL ), and Shen (spirit, # )—as well as their interrelationship. If you lack this understanding, you are missing the root of Qigong training, as well as the basic idea of Qigong theory. The main goals of Qigong training are to learn how to retain your Jing, strengthen and smooth your Qi flow, and enlighten your Shen. To reach these goals you must learn how to regulate the body (Tiao Shen, regulate the mind (Tiao Xin, ^l"1*'), regulate the breathing (Tiao Xi, ), regulate the Qi (Tiao Qi, and regulate the Shen (Tiao Shen, flit).

Regulating the body includes understanding how to find and build the root of the body as well as of the individual forms you are practicing. To build a firm root, you must know how to keep your center, how to balance your body, and most important of all, how to relax so that the Qi can flow.

Regulating the mind involves learning how to keep your mind calm, peaceful, and centered, so that you can judge situations objectively and lead Qi to the desired places. The mind is the main key to success in Qigong practice.

To regulate your breathing, you must learn how to breathe so that your breathing and your mind mutually correspond and cooperate. When you breathe this way, your mind will be able to attain peace more quickly, and therefore concentrate more easily on leading the Qi.

Regulating the Qi is one of the ultimate goals of Qigong practice. In order to regulate your Qi effectively, you must first have regulated your body, mind, and breathing. Only then will your mind be clear enough to sense how the Qi is distributed in your body, and understand how to adjust it.

For Buddhist priests, who seek the enlightenment of the Buddha, regulating the Shen is the final goal of Qigong. This enables them to maintain a neutral, objective perspective of life, and this perspective is the eternal life of the Buddha. The average Qigong practitioner has lower goals. He raises his Shen in order to increase his concentration and enhance his vitality. This makes it possible for him to lead Qi effectively to his entire body so that it carries out the managing and guarding duties. This maintains his health and slows down the aging process.

If you understand these few things you will be able to quickly enter into the field of Qigong. Without all of these important elements, your training will be ineffective and your time will be wasted.

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