Regulating the Shen Spirit

There is one thing that is more important than anything else in a battle, and that is fighting spirit. You may have the best general, who knows the battlefield well and is also an expert strategist, but if his soldiers do not have a high fighting spirit (morale), he might still lose. Remember, spirit is the center and root of a fight. When you keep this center, one soldier can be equal to ten soldiers. When his spirit is high, a soldier will obey his orders accurately and willingly, and his general will be able to control the situation efficiently. In a battle, in order for a soldier to have this kind of morale, he must know why he is fighting, how to fight, and what he can expect after the fight. Under these conditions, he will know what he is doing and why, and this understanding will raise his spirit, strengthen his will, and increase his patience and endurance.

it is the same with Qigong training. In order to reach the final goal of Qigong exercise, you must have three fundamental spiritual roots: will, patience, and endurance. You must know why, how, and what. Only then will you be able to be sure of your target and know what you are doing.

Shen, which is the Chinese term for spirit, originates from Yi (the general). When Shen is strong, the Yi is firm. When the Yi is firm, Shen will be steady and calm. From this you can see that Shen is the mental part of a soldier. When Shen is high, the Qi is strong and easily directed. When the Qi is strong, Shen is also strong.

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