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Left right open (bend) the bow like shooting a hawk, two arms strong and firm to strengthen kidneys and waist. Bend the elbow horizontal to the shoulder, (your mind) trying hard to pull. Hand arrow aims (at the target), use the eyes to stare. Left right shoot for twenty-four. Ride the horse and squat down to increase efficiency.

Practice: Step your right leg to the right and squat down in a horse stance (Figure 4-6). Relax your hands and lift them up to the chest area. Bring your palms together (Figure 4-7), then separate them with the right hand moving near the right nipple, while the left hand, changing into the "sword secret" or "single finger" hand form, extends to the left as if you were pulling a bow to shoot a hawk (Figure 4-8). Your eyes stare to your left at a very distant point. Then stand up and lower your

Figure 4-7 Figure 4-8

hands, circle them up to the chest and rL^bit the same process to shoot to your right (Figures 4-9 and 4-10). Do twelve in either direction for a total of twenty-four.

Discussion: This piece is used to strengthen the kidneys and the waist area. First you must squat down to firm your root as when you pull a strong bow. Without this root, you will not have a center, and you will not be able to pull your bow effectively. Make sure when you squat down that you keep your back straight and tuck your buttocks under. This emphasizes the kidney area. When you are doing this, you not only strengthen the waist muscles but also increase the Qi circulation in the kidney area, in your back near your lowest ribs. Your rear elbow must be bent and the shoulders must be firm to stabilize the pulling of the bow. Concentrate your mind so that you really feel that you are drawing a very strong bow. This concentrated mind is the source of the Qi movement.

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