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Screw the fist with fiery eyes to increase Qi Li; body and mind healthy, the spirit of vitality comfortable. Ride the horse and squat down, straightening the chest. Hold the fist or strike with palm, using more force. Left and right, two hands grasp in turn. Grasp, hold, fiery eyes, use Li Qi.

Figure 4-34 Figure 4-35

Practice: This piece is very similar to the second piece. Step your right foot to the side and squat down in a horse stance, holding your body erect and your fists beside your waist (Figure 4-34). Tighten both fists, and extend one arm to the side in a twisting punch motion (i.e. screw the fist)(Figure 4-35). Your other hand stays beside your waist in a tight fist. The hand that is out can be either a fist or an open palm. After you finish the extending movement, loosen both hands and bring the extended hand back to your waist to the starting position (Figure 4-36). Then tighten both hands and repeat on the other side (Figure 4-37). When you make the punching motion, glare fiercely at an imaginary opponent. Do eight on either side, for a total of sixteen.

Discussion: This piece trains you to raise your spirit of vitality. When your spirit is raised, you strengthen the Qi flow and also increase your muscular strength (Li). Muscular strength which is reinforced by Qi is called Qi Li or Li Qi. As you raise your Shen (spirit) and increase your Qi Li, the Qi will fill your body all the way out to the

Muscular Power
Figure 4-36 Figure 4-37

skin. In the other exercises you have been focusing your attention and concentrating your Qi. It is important to now do this piece, because it clears out any stagnant Qi and leads it to the skin. Concentrating your Yi is the key to success. If you have a very strong mental image of punching someone very hard, your Yi will lead your Qi out to the ends of your arms and legs to make the punch powerful.

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Heal Yourself With Qi Gong

Heal Yourself With Qi Gong

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