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In Wind Path Qi circulation, once the Qi is built up in the Lower Dan Tian, the practitioner will lead the Qi to circulate in the opposite direc-Figure 1-5 t'on as the Fire Path (Figure 1-6).

The Fire Path

Water Path Wind Path

There are many reasons for doing this:

1. To cut down the excess Qi circulation (Fire) to the internal organs.

2. To slow down the natural Qi circulation in the Conception and Governing Vessels if they have become too positive due to sickness, injury, or any other reason.

3. One of the Qigong practices is to raise the Pre-birth Qi (Jing Qi or Water Qi, generated in the Lower Dan Tian to cool down the Post-birth Qi (food and air Qi, or Fire Qi) which is generated in the Middle Dan Tian at the solar plexus. The Wind Path is the way to do this.

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Heal Yourself With Qi Gong

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