Third Piece

To adjust and regulate the spleen and stomach, (you) must lift singly; spleen and stomach (gain) peace and harmony, sickness cured automatically. Lift arm and stiffen the palms, use the force to rock. Extend and develop the tendons and muscles, spleen and stomach comfortable. Right hand lifted high, left dropped down, left right extend and rock the tendons and channels alive.

Figure 4-10

Practice: After you have completed the last piece, stand up and move your leg back so that the feet are parallel and shoulder width apart. Then move both hands to the front of your stomach with the palms facing up (Figure 4-11). Raise your left hand above your head and push upward, and at the same time lower your right hand palm down to your side and press down slightly (Figure 4-12). Then change your hands and repeat the same process. (Figures 4-13 and 4-14). You should feel that both hands are pushing against resistance, but you must not tense your muscles. Do twenty-four repetitions.

Discussion: This piece works on the stomach. When you repeatedly raise one hand and lower the other, you loosen the muscles in the front of your body. When you "stiffen the palms," do not tense the muscles, but rather extend your force through the hands so that your arms stretch out all the way. This stimulates and strengthens the tendons and muscles. Reversing your arms repeatedly stretches and relaxes the body, "rocking" the tendons and Qi channels alive. This one-up-and-one-

Figure 4-9

Figure 4-10

Wild Goose

down muscle movement increases the Qi circulation in your stomach, spleen, and liver. If you wish, when you raise and stretch each hand you can also stretch the leg on the same side to increase the extension.

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