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Q: I want to be up to the standards of "Zhen-Shan-Ren" (truthfulness-benevolence-forbearance). But yesterday I dreamed that I was arguing very bitterly with someone, I wanted to forbear, but failed. Was that supposed to help me improve my Xinxing?

A: It certainly was. I have already told you what dreams are. You should try to think about and understand it yourselves. The things that will help you improve your Xinxing come suddenly and unexpectedly. They do not wait until you are mentally prepared to welcome them. To judge whether one is good or bad, you can only test him when he is not mentally prepared.

Q: Does the "Ren" (forbearance) of "Zhen-Shan-Ren" in Falun Gong mean that we should tolerate everything, regardless of whether it is correct or not?

A: The "Ren" I talk about refers to improving Xinxing on the issues relative to your own personal interest and all those attachments that you have been unwilling to let go of. In fact, "Ren" is not an awful thing, even to ordinary people. Let me tell you a story. Han Xin was a great senior general who loved martial arts since he was young. At that time, people who were learning martial arts liked to carry swords around. When Han Xin was walking in the street, a ruffian came toward him and challenged him: "What are you carrying this sword for? Do you dare to kill people? If you do, kill me first." As he was talking, he stuck out his neck. He said, "If you don't dare to kill me, crawl between my legs!" Han Xin then crawled between his legs. He had an excellent ability of "Ren". Some people consider forbearance as being weak and as though one is easily bullied. The truth of the matter is that people who can practice forbearance have a very strong will. As to the right or wrong of matters, you must look to see if they really conform to the principle of the universe. You may think you are not at fault for a particular incident and that it is the other person who has upset you. In fact, you don't really know why. You will say, "I know. It is just about something trivial." What I say is a different principle, which cannot be seen in this material dimension. Just to say a joke, perhaps you owed others in your previous life. How could you judge its right or wrong? We have to forbear. How could you upset and offend others first and then forbear? To those people who have really upset you, you should not only forbear, but also be grateful to them. If he yells at you and then blames you for it in front of the teacher, accusing you of yelling at him, you should say thank you in your heart. You say, "Wouldn't I turn into Ah Q (a foolish character in a Chinese novel)?" That is your opinion. In this incident, if you do not deal with it the same way he does, you have improved your Xinxing. He gains in this material dimension, but he gives things away to you in the other dimension, doesn't he? Your Xinxing has been improved and the black substance transformed. You have gained in three ways. Why not be thankful to him? It is not easy to understand from the standpoint of ordinary people, but I am not lecturing to ordinary people. I am lecturing to cultivators.

Q: People without Futi (message possession) can improve Xinxing to avoid having Futi. What if one already has Futi? How can he get rid of it?

A: One righteous mind will suppress a hundred evils. You received the Dafa today. From now on, even if the Futi brings you benefits, you should not accept it. When it brings you money, fame and personal gain, you feel very happy inside your heart, thinking "See how capable I am," and you show off in front of people. When you do feel uncomfortable, you don't want to live with it and look for master to treat you. Then, how did you behave when it kept giving you good things? We cannot take care of it for you because you have accepted all the benefits it has brought you. It is not acceptable if all you want to have is the benefit. Only when you don't want it, even the good things it brings, and continue to cultivate according to the method taught by master, and when you have become righteous and your mind is firm, will it then become fearful. If you further reject it when it tries to give you some benefits, then it is time for it to leave. If it stays on, it will be committing a wrong deed. At that point, I can deal with it. It will disappear with a simple wave of my hands. But it won't work if you want to have the benefit it brings you.

Q: Will people acquire Futi by practicing in the park?

A: I have explained it to you many times. We cultivate righteous Fa (law). If your mind is righteous, all kinds of evil things will be suppressed. In cultivation of a righteous Fa, the mind is very pure and upright, so nothing can approach him. Falun is something incredible. Not only are evil things unable to attach themselves to you, they fear it when they are near you. If you don't believe it, you can practice at other places. They all fear you. If I tell you the number of Futi, you will all be scared. Many people have Futi. After they have reached the goal of curing diseases and improving health, they continue to practice. What do you want? When your mind is not righteous, these problems will occur. Nevertheless, blame should not be placed on these people as they don't understand the principles. One of the goals of my going public is to help correct these wrong things for you.

Q: What supernormal capabilities will be developed in the future?

A: I don't want to talk about it. Because each individual has his own set of conditions, it is very difficult to say. Different supernormal capabilities will be developed at different levels. The critical factor is your Xinxing at each level. If attachments have been removed in a certain aspect, a supernormal capability may be developed in that aspect. However, the supernormal capability has to be at its early stage and will not be very powerful. When your Xinxing has not reached a very high level, it is impossible to have supernormal capabilities. However, in our class some individuals have pretty good inborn quality. They have developed a supernormal walking ability that shields them from rain. Some have also developed the supernormal capability of teleportation.

Q: Does cultivating Xinxing (mind-nature) or getting rid of all attachments refer to the Buddha School's "emptiness" and the Tao School's "nothingness"?

A: The Xinxing or De (virtues) we talk about is not contained in the emptiness from the Buddha School or the nothingness from the Tao School. On the contrary, the emptiness from the Buddha School or the nothingness from the Tao School are included in our Xinxing.

Q: Will a Buddha always remain as a Buddha?

A: After you have reached enlightenment through cultivation, you are an enlightened being, in other words, a being of higher levels. But there is no guarantee that you will never misbehave. Of course, normally you won't commit wrongdoing at that level because you have seen the truth. But if you have handled yourself poorly, you will drop down without exception. If you always do good things, you will stay up there forever.

Q: What is a person with great inborn quality?

A: This is determined by a few factors: 1. Good inborn quality. 2. Outstanding enlightenment quality. 3. Excellent ability of forbearance. 4. Few attachments while taking the matters of this world lightly. These are people with great inborn quality, who are very hard to find.

Q: Can people without good inborn quality develop Gong if they practice Falun Gong?

A: People without good inborn quality can also develop Gong because everyone carries some amount of De. It is impossible not to have any De. There is no one like that. If you don't have the white substance on you, you still have the black substance. Through cultivation, the black substance can be transformed into the white substance, which is just one extra step. When you have suffered during cultivation, improved your Xinxing and made sacrifices, you have developed Gong. Cultivation is the prerequisite. It is the master's Fashen (law body) who transforms it into Gong.

Q: When one is born, his entire life has already been arranged. Does hard work make any difference?

A: Of course it does. Your hard work is also something that has been arranged, so you can't help but work hard. You are an ordinary person. However, things of a large scale can not be changed.

Q: When the Tianmu (third eye) has not been opened, how do we tell whether the messages we receive are good or bad?

A: It is difficult to do so on your own. Throughout your cultivation process exist many problems that put your Xinxing to the test. The protection extended to you by the Fashen (law body) is to prevent endangerment to your life. He, however, may not take care of certain problems that need to be overcome, resolved and comprehended by you. Sometimes when evil messages come, they may tell you what the lotto numbers are, but the numbers may be right or may be wrong. Or, it could also tell you other things. It is all up to you. When your mind is upright, evil things can not invade. As long as you guard your Xinxing well, there should not be any problem.

Q: Can we practice when we feel emotionally upset?

A: When you are in a bad mood, it is difficult for you to sit down and become tranquil. You will have thoughts of bad things running wild in your mind. Messages exist in cultivation. When bad thoughts are on your mind, these things will go into your cultivation, turning it into the purposeful cultivation of an evil way. The exercises you practice may have been taught to you by Yan Xing, or by some other master, or by a living Buddha of Tantrism. But if you didn't strictly follow their Xinxing requirement, what you practiced was not their cultivation way even though they were the ones who taught you. Let's all think about it, if you are practicing the standing stance and feeling very tired, but your mind is still very active, thinking, "Why is so-and-so in my company so nasty? Why did he report me? What can I do to get a raise? Prices have gone up. I should do more shopping." Then, aren't you purposefully, subconsciously and unknowingly cultivating evil law? Therefore, if you are experiencing emotional downturn, it is best not to practice.

Q: What is the standard for "extremely high Xinxing"?

A: Xinxing comes through cultivation and doesn't have any set standards. It is all left for you to comprehend. If you insist that Xinxing has standards, then it is that when you encounter incidents, you should try to think, "If it was an enlightened person who was faced with this, what would he do?" Exemplary people are, of course, outstanding but they are still models for ordinary people.

Q: We shouldn't hold a suspicious attitude toward talks or speeches delivered by other Qigong masters. But when we run into con-artists who deceive people for money, what should we do?

A: That doesn't have to be the case. First you should take a look at what they discuss, then judge on your own whether it is deceitful. To judge whether a Qigong master is decent or not, you can look at his Xinxing. Gong is always as high as Xinxing.

Q: How do we eliminate karma or, as Buddhism calls it, karmic debt?

A: Cultivation itself is a form of eliminating karma. The best way is to improve your Xinxing, which enables the transformation of the black substance into the white substance, the substance of De. De is then transformed into Gong.

Q: Are there any precepts that forbid us to do certain things if we practice Falun Gong?

A: The majority of what is prohibited in Buddhism cannot be carried out by us, but we have a different perspective. We are not monks or nuns. We live among ordinary people, so therefore, it is different. If you take some things lightly, it will suffice. Certainly, as your energy potency continues to grow, and when it has reached a very high level, what is required of your Xinxing will be very high, too.

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