Levels of Cultivation in Falun Gong

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(1) Cultivation at High Levels

Since Falun Gong cultivation takes place at really high levels, gong is generated quite rapidly. A great cultivation way is extremely simple and easy. Falun Gong has few movements. Yet viewed from a larger scope it governs all aspects of the body, including the many things that are to be generated. As long as a person's xinxing keeps rising, his or her gong will grow rapidly; there is little need for intention-filled effort, the use of any specific method, setting up a crucible and furnace to make elixir from gathered chemicals or from adding fire and gathered chemicals. Relying on the guidance of mind-intent can be rather complicated and can make it easy for one to go awry. Here we provide the most convenient and best cultivation way, yet also the most difficult one. In order for a cultivator to reach the Milk-White Body state using other methods, it would take more than a decade, several decades, or even longer. Yet we bring you to this stage immediately. This level might already pass by before you even feel it. It might only last several hours. There will be one day when you feel quite sensitive, and only a little while later you won't feel as sensitive. In fact, you will have just passed a significant level.

(2) Manifestations of Gong

After students of Falun Gong go through adjustment of the flesh body, they will reach the state that is suitable for Dafa51 cultivation: the Milk-White Body state. Gong will only develop after this state is reached. People with a high-level Third Eye can see that gong develops on the surface of a practitioner's skin and is then absorbed into his or her body. This process of gong generation and absorption keeps repeating itself, going level after level, sometimes really rapidly. This is first-round gong. After the first round, the body of the practitioner is no longer a regular one. A practitioner will never again get sick after reaching the Milk-White Body state. The pain that might emerge here and there or the discomfort in a certain area is not sickness, though it might appear to be similar: It is caused by karma. After the second round of gong development, one's intelligent beings will have grown very large and are able to move around and talk. Sometimes they are produced sparsely, sometimes in great density. They can talk to one another. There is a great deal of energy stored in those intelligent beings, and this is used to change one's original-body.

At a certain advanced level in Falun Gong cultivation, Cultivated Infants (yinghai) sometimes appear all throughout a practitioner's body. They are mischievous, enjoy playing, and are kindhearted. Another kind of body can also be produced: the Immortal Infant (yuanying). He or she sits on a lotus flower throne that is very beautiful. The Immortal Infant generated through cultivation is created by the merging of yin and yang within the human body. Both male and female cultivators are able to cultivate an Immortal Infant. At the beginning the Immortal Infant is very small. He gradually grows larger and ultimately grows to be the cultivator's size. He looks exactly like the cultivator and is indeed present there in the cultivator's body. When people with supernormal abilities look at him or her, they will say that this person has two bodies. Actually, this person has succeeded in cultivating his or her true body. Many Law Bodies can also be developed through cultivation. In short, all supernormal abilities that can be developed in the universe can be developed in Falun Gong; supernormal abilities developed in other cultivation methods are also all included in Falun Gong.

(3) Beyond-Triple-World-Law Cultivation

By performing Falun Gong exercises, practitioners can make their meridians wider and wider, connecting them to become one piece. That is, a person cultivates to a state in which there are no meridians or acupuncture points, or conversely, meridians and acupuncture points exist everywhere. This still doesn't mean that he or she has attained the Dao—it is only one type of manifestation in the process of Falun Gong cultivation and the reflection of one level. When this stage is reached, the person is at the end of In-Triple-World-Law cultivation. The gong he or she has developed will already be quite powerful and will have finished taking shape. Also, this person's

51 Dafa (dah-fah)—"The Great Way," or "The Great Law"; short for the name Falun Dafa, "The Great (Cultivation) Way of the Law Wheel."

gong column will be really high and the three flowers will appear atop his or her head. By that time this person will have merely taken the last step of In-Triple-World-Law cultivation.

When another step forward is taken, there will be nothing left. All of the person's supernormal abilities will be pressed into the body's deepest dimension. He or she will enter the Pure-White Body state, wherein the body is transparent. With one more step forward, this person will enter into Beyond-Triple-World-Law cultivation, also known as "cultivation of a Buddha's body." The supernormal abilities developed at this stage belong to the category of divine powers. The practitioner will have unlimited powers at this point and will have become incredibly mighty. Upon reaching higher realms, he or she will cultivate to become a great enlightened being. All of this depends on how you cultivate your xinxing. Whichever level you cultivate to is the level of your Attainment Status. Dedicated cultivators find a righteous cultivation way and achieve Righteous Attainment—this is Consummation.

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