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Falun Gong cultivation involves no use of mind-intent. A person's mind-intent doesn't accomplish anything by itself, though it can send out commands. What is really at work are supernormal abilities, which have the capacity of an intelligent being to think and can receive commands from the brain's signals. Yet many people, particularly those in qigong circles, have many different theories about it. They think that mind-intent can accomplish many things. Some talk about using mind-intent to develop supernormal abilities, using it to open the Third Eye, to heal illnesses, to perform telekinesis, etc. This is an incorrect understanding. At lower levels, everyday people use mind-intent to direct their sensory organs and four limbs. At higher levels, a cultivator's mind-intent elevates a notch and directs abilities around. In other words, supernormal abilities are dictated by mind-intent. This is how we look at mind-intent. Sometimes we see a qigong master giving treatments to others. Before the master moves a finger, the patients already acknowledge that they have become well, and they think that the healing is done through the master's mind-intent. In fact, that master releases a type of supernormal ability and dictates it to give the treatment or to do something else. Since supernormal abilities travel in another dimension, everyday people can't see them with their eyes. Those who don't know think that it is mind-intent that does the healing. Some people believe that mind-intent can be used to heal illnesses, and this has misled people. This view has to be clarified.

Human thoughts are a type of message, a type of energy, and a form of material existence. When a person thinks, the brain produces a frequency. Sometimes it is quite effective to chant a mantra. Why? It's because the universe has its own vibrational frequency, and an effect will be produced when the frequency of your mantra coincides with that of the universe. For it to be effective, it certainly has to be of a benign nature since evil things are not allowed to exist in the universe. Mind-intent is also a specific kind of thought. The Law Bodies of a high-level qigong grand master are controlled and dictated by the thoughts of his main body. A Law Body also has his own thoughts and his own independent ability to solve problems and carry out tasks. He is an entirely independent self. At the same time, Law Bodies know the thoughts of the qigong master's main body and will carry out tasks according to those thoughts. For example, if the qigong master wants to treat a particular person's illness, Law Bodies will go there. Without that thought they will not go. When they see an extremely good thing to do they will do it on their own. Some masters haven't achieved Enlightenment, and there are things that they still don't know but that their Law Bodies already know.

"Mind-intent" also has another meaning, namely, inspiration. Inspiration doesn't come from one's Main Consciousness. The knowledge base of the Main Consciousness is quite limited. It won't work if you depend solely on the Main Consciousness to come up with something that doesn't yet exist in this society. Inspiration comes from the Assistant Consciousness. When some people engaged in creative work or scientific research get stuck after exhausting all of their brainpower, they put things aside, rest for a while, or take a walk outside. Inspiration then comes suddenly without their thinking. They immediately start to write everything down quickly, thereby creating something. This is because when the Main Consciousness is strong, it controls the brain and nothing will come forth, despite its effort. Once the Main Consciousness relaxes, the Assistant Consciousness starts to function and control the brain. The Assistant Consciousness is able to create new things, as it belongs to another dimension and is unrestrained by this one. Yet the Assistant Consciousness can't surpass or interfere with the state of human society; it isn't allowed to affect the process of society's development.

Inspiration comes from two sources. One is the Assistant Consciousness. The Assistant Consciousness isn't deluded by this world and can produce inspiration. The other source is the command and guidance from high-level beings. When guided by high-level beings, people's minds are expanded and able to create groundbreaking things. The entire development of society and the universe follow their own specific laws. Nothing happens by chance.

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Heal Yourself With Qi Gong

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