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Q: Some people dream where they see themselves very clearly floating in the sky after they finish "the Heavenly Circulation" and return home. What is that all about?

A: I am telling you all that when this kind of thing happens during your meditation or dreams, they are not dreams. It is caused by your spirit leaving your physical body, which is completely different from dreaming. When you dream, you do not see that clearly or in such detail. When your spirit leaves the body, what you see and how you float up can be seen like it was real and could be remembered clearly.

Q: If Falun becomes deformed, what ill consequences will it have?

A: This signifies that one has deviated. Falun will then lose its effectiveness. Moreover, it will bring you a lot of problems in your cultivation. It is like you choose not to walk on the main street but on a side road, where you get lost and are unable to find where to go. You will encounter problems. These things will be reflected in daily life.

Q: When practicing by oneself, how do we handle the home environment? Can Falun be in the house?

A: Many of you who are sitting here have already seen the presence of Falun in your homes. Family members have also started to benefit from it. As we have mentioned, there exist many dimensions simultaneously and at the same location, and your home is no exception. It needs to be cleaned up. The way to clean it up is generally through getting rid of the bad things and then installing a shield so that nothing bad can find its way in.

Q: During practice, Qi hits the sick spot, making it feel painful and swollen. Why is that?

A: An illness is a type of black energy cluster. After we break it into pieces during the early stage of the class, you will feel that spot is swollen. However, it has already lost its roots, and has started discharging outward. It will be expelled very quickly. The disease will no longer exist.

Q: My old diseases disappeared after a few days in the seminar, but reemerged suddenly a few days later. Why?

A: Because the improvements take place rapidly with our cultivation system and the levels change in a very short period of time, your illness is cured before you even know it. The later symptoms are what I have discussed as the coming of "tribulations". Feel and observe carefully. It is not the same as the symptoms of your old illness. If you look for other Qigong masters to adjust your body, they will not be able to. This is a display of karma during the growth of Gong (cultivation energy).

Q: Do we still need to take medication while cultivating?

A: On this issue, you should think and decide for yourself. Taking medication during cultivation implies that you do not believe in the disease-curing effects of cultivation. If you believed in it, why would you take medication? However, if you do not hold yourself up to the standards of Xinxing, once problems arise, you will say that you have been told by Li Hongzhi not to take medication. However, Li Hongzhi has also asked you to strictly hold yourself to high standards of Xinxing. Have you done it? The things that exist in the body of true cultivators are not those of ordinary people. All of the illnesses that ordinary people get are not allowed to occur in your body. If your mind is in the right place and believes that cultivation can cure illnesses, if you stop your medication, do not worry about it and do not get treatments, someone will naturally cure it for you. All of you are getting better and feeling better everyday. Why is that? My Fashen (law body) have been busy coming in and out of many of your bodies, helping you by doing these things in this regard. If your mind is not stable, adopting an attitude of disbelief or "let's give it a try" while cultivating, then you will get nothing. Whether or not you believe in Buddhas is determined by your enlightenment quality and inborn quality. If a Buddha appeared here, who could be seen clearly with human eyes, then everyone would go to study Buddha. Therefore, the issue of turning around your thinking would not exist. You have to believe first, and then you will be able to see.

Q: Some people want to invite master and master's disciples to treat illnesses. Is it acceptable?

A: I did not come to public to treat illnesses. Where there are people, there should be illnesses. Some people simply do not understand the words I have said, but I will not give more explanation. Practice systems of the Buddha School are to save all sentient beings. It is acceptable to treat illnesses. Our treating others is organized and is promotional in nature. Because I have just come to public and am not well known, others do not recognize me, and perhaps no one would attend my lectures. Through curing illnesses during consultations, we let everyone see Falun Gong. The results of this promotion were very good. Therefore, we did not do it entirely for the purpose of treating illnesses. It is not permissible to use powerful Gong to treat illnesses professionally, nor is it allowed to replace the laws of this world with laws that surpass this world. Otherwise, the results of curing illnesses would not be good. In order to be responsible to cultivation students, we must adjust your bodies to the state where there is no more illness. Only then can you cultivate toward a higher level. If you always worry about your illness and actually do not want to cultivate at all, even though you do not say anything, my Fashen (law body) knows your thoughts clearly, and you will eventually get nothing. During our class, we have already made adjustments to your bodies. Of course, you must first be a person who cultivates. I will not start to treat illnesses for you and ask for more money in the middle of a class session. We will not do that kind of thing. If your illness has not been cured, that is still an issue of your enlightenment quality. Certainly we do not exclude the cases in which some individuals are very sick. The reaction may not be apparent in your body, but actually it is very strong. Perhaps a one-time adjustment is not enough, but we have already done our best. It is not that we are not responsible; it is because the illness is indeed too big. When you go home and cultivate, we will continue to treat you until you are fully cured. These cases are very few.

Q: How do we enter tranquillity during practice? Is it considered an attachment when we think about the problems in our work while practicing the exercises?

A: Take matters related to personal interests lightly, and keep a clear and clean mind at all times. If you are prepared, and know when tribulations will come and what they will be, then they would no longer be tribulations. Mostly, tribulations suddenly come out of nowhere. You will for sure pass if you are absolutely committed. Thus can the level of your Xinxing (mind-nature) be shown. Once your attachment is gone, your Xinxing improved, your contention and fights with others, as well as your animosity and grudges let go of, and your thoughts cleared up, then you can talk about the ability to become tranquil. If you still cannot become tranquil, then imagine yourself to be a different person and regard these thoughts as not yours. However diverse your thoughts are, you should step out of them, letting them wander freely. There are also some people who suggest chanting the Buddha's name or counting numbers. These are all kinds of methods used in practices. When we practice, we are not required to focus our thoughts on something. However, you have to know that you are practicing. The problems that come up in your work do not belong to personal interests. Those are not attachments, and are of good nature. I know a monk who understands this aspect. He is the abbot of a temple and has many tasks. But when he sits down there, he separates himself from these things. It is guaranteed that he does not think about these. This is also Gong. In fact, when you truly cultivate, there is nothing on your mind, not the slightest trace of personal thoughts or ideas. If you do not mix personal things with those of work, you will still do well.

Q: What should we do when bad thoughts appear during the practice?

A: Many bad things may appear at times during practice. You have just started cultivating, and it is impossible to reach a very high level at the outset. For now we will not impose very high requirements on you, either. It is impractical to ask you not to let any bad thoughts appear in your mind. This has to be accomplished gradually. At the beginning it is all right, but do not let your thoughts run freely. As time goes by, your thoughts will start to ascend rapidly, and you should hold yourself to higher standards because you are cultivating the Dafa (Great Law). After you finish this class, you are no longer an ordinary person. The things you now bring with you are so unique that you have to impose strict requirements on your Xinxing (mind-nature).

Q: When I practice, I feel my head and abdomen spinning, and discomfort in the chest area.

A: This is an initial stage caused by the rotation of Falun. You may not have this symptom in the future.

Q: What should we do when attracting small animals during practice?

A: Any kind of cultivation you do will attract small animals. Ignore them. That's all. Because it is a positive energy field, particularly with the Buddha School, Gong contains things that are helpful to all living beings. When our Falun revolves clockwise, it helps us; when it revolves counterclockwise, it helps others. Then, it rotates back and starts over again. Therefore everything around us benefits.

Q: In the exercise of "Penetrating the Two Cosmic Extremes", is it counted as one time when the hand moves up and down once? When doing "Buddha Showing A Thousand Hands", should I imagine myself to be very big and tall before I extend my hands?

A: It is counted as one time after each hand moves up and down once. When doing "Buddha Showing A Thousand Hands", do not think about yourself. You will naturally feel big and tall. You only need to have a feeling that you are the largest between the heaven and the earth. Just standing there will be enough. Do not always intentionally pursue that feeling. That would be an attachment.

Q: When practicing the sitting meditation, what if I cannot cross my legs into the lotus position?

A: If you cannot cross your legs, you can practice by sitting on the edge of a chair. The effectiveness is the same. But since you are a cultivator, you must exercise your two legs, and must be able to cross them. Sit on the edge of a chair while exercising to cross your legs. You should eventually be able to cross your legs.

Q: If family members conduct themselves improperly and do not follow "Zhen-Shan-Ren" (truthfulness, benevolence, forbearance), what should we do?

A: If your family members do not practice Falun Gong, this is not a problem. The main issue is to cultivate yourself. Cultivate yourself and do not think too much. You also have to be a little easygoing. Spend more effort on yourself.

Q: In daily life, sometimes I do wrong things and regret it afterwards, but then it happens again. Is it because my Xinxing (mind-nature) is too low?

A: Since you can write about it, it proves that you have already improved your Xinxing and are able to acknowledge it. Ordinary people do not know when they have done something wrong. This means you have already surpassed ordinary people. You did wrong the first time and did not guard your Xinxing. It is a process. Next time when you encounter a problem, try to improve again.

Q: Can people in their forties or fifties reach the state of "three flowers gathering above one's head"?

A: Because we cultivate both mind and body, age does not matter. As long as you focus on cultivation and can follow the guidelines of Xinxing as I illustrated, the phenomena of prolonging one's life will appear as you cultivate. Does not that give you enough time to cultivate? However, there is one thing pertaining to exercises that cultivate both mind and body. When your life is extended, if there is a problem with your Xinxing, your life will be immediately in danger. Because your life is prolonged for the purpose of cultivation, once your Xinxing deviates, your life will be in danger immediately.

Q: How should we handle the issue of strength to achieve the effect of "strong yet gentle"?

A: This has to be explored by yourself. For example, when we do big hand gestures, the hands look very soft, but actually the gestures are done with strength. The force is quite strong between the forearm and wrist and among the fingers. But, they all appear very soft at the same time. This is "strength within gentleness". When I did hand gestures for you all, I already gave it to you. Gradually observe and feel during your practice.

Q: Is it true that sexual relations between men and women are not necessary? Should young people divorce?

A: The issue of sexual lust was discussed previously. At your current level, you are not asked to become a monk or a nun. You are asking yourself to be one. The key is to ask you to let go of that attachment. You have to put down all the attachments that you do not want to put down. To an ordinary person, this is one kind of desire. To us cultivators, we have to be able to let it go and take it lightly. Some people actually pursue this, and their minds are filled with these things. It would be too much desire even for ordinary people. It would be even more inappropriate for cultivators. Because you cultivate and family members do not, it is permissible to lead a normal life at the current stage. When reaching a higher level, you will know for yourself what to do.

Q: Is it all right to fall asleep when sitting in meditation? How should I handle it? At times I pass out as long as 3 minutes, and I do not know what is going on.

A: No, it is not all right to fall asleep. How can you sleep when you practice? Sleeping in meditation is also a form of demonic interference. The occurrence of passing out should not happen. Could it be that you did not express your question clearly in writing? Losing awareness for three minutes does not mean anything has gone wrong. The state of losing awareness frequently happens to people with a superior ability to attain Ding (motionless state). However, it will be problematic if it goes on for a long time.

Q: Is it true that anyone who is determined to attain the Righteous Attainment via cultivation can attain it? What if their inborn quality is inferior?

A: It all depends on what kind of determination you have. The critical factor is how determined you are. Also for people with inferior inborn quality, it still depends on your determination and enlightenment quality.

Q: Can I practice when I have a cold or fever?

A: I will say that after you are finished with this class, you will never get sick. You may not believe it. Why do my students sometimes have symptoms similar to having a cold or a fever? That is the passing of a tribulation and hardship, and implies that an improvement onto another level is due. They all understand that they do not need to pay attention to it, and it will pass.

Q: Can pregnant women practice Falun Gong?

A: It is not a problem because Falun is installed in another dimension. There are no vigorous movements in our practice system that could have a bad impact on pregnant women. It is actually beneficial to them.

Q: When master is away from us, will there be any spatial distance?

A: Many people have this kind of thought, "Master is not in Beijing. What should we do?" It is the same when you practice other types of exercises. Masters cannot watch over you everyday, either. Fa (law) has been taught to you; principles have been taught to you. This set of exercises has been taught to you; a complete set of things has been given to you. It is all up to you how to cultivate. You cannot say that you will have a guarantee if you are by my side, and do not if you are not. Let's use an example. Those Buddhists, more than two thousand years since Sakyamuni passed away, are still continuing with their cultivation without a second thought. So, whether or not you cultivate is a personal issue.

Q: Will practicing Falun Gong result in Bigu (live on no food and drink) ?

A: No, it will not because Bigu is a Great Pre-Taoism way of cultivation, which existed before Buddhism or Taoism. It existed prior to the establishment of religions. Frequently, this method belongs to solitary cultivation. Since at that time there was no monk or temple system, they had to cultivate halfway up the mountains, where no one could supply them with food. When they had to cultivate in seclusion, which required remaining still for six months to one year, they adopted this approach. Today, our cultivation does not need it because it is a method that is used under special circumstances. It is certainly not a supernormal capability. Some teach this method. I say that if all the people in the whole world did not need to eat, it would disrupt the social conditions of ordinary people. Therefore, it would be a problem. If no one ate, would that be a human society? That is not right, and is not the case.

Q: To which level can these five sets of exercises lead us?

A: These five sets will allow you to cultivate to an extremely high level. Certainly, you will know which level you want to cultivate to when the time comes. Since there is no limit to Gong (cultivation energy), you will have another predestined relationship when you have reached that point, and obtain the Dafa (Great Law) at an even higher level.

Q: The Fa (law) refines the practitioner. Does it mean that since Falun rotates at all times, we do not need to practice?

A: Practicing is different from cultivation in temples. In fact, when you cultivate in a temple, you actually have to sit in meditation too. That is an ability that needs to be practiced. You cannot say you only want to develop your Gong and have it grow on the top of your head without doing any practice. I say these are not cultivators, are they? Every school has its own set of inherited things that need to be developed via practice.

Q: Practitioners of other cultivation systems claim, "Practices without intention are not cultivation." Is this correct?

A: There are so many different remarks, but no one has disclosed the Dafa (Great Law) to you the way I have. The Buddha School believes that the level of Fa with intentional actions cannot be too high. Fa with intentional actions does not refer to movements. Their meditation and Jieyin (conjoin hands) are also movements. Therefore, the size and number of movements are not of concern. The intention or non-intention refers to your mindwill. In the aspect of pursuit, if you pursue and have intentions, those are attachments. That is what it means.

Q: Xinxing (mind-nature) is not equivalent to De (virtues). You say De determines levels; but you then say that the level of Xinxing determines the level of Gong (cultivation energy). Are these statements contradictory?

A: You may not have heard it clearly. Xinxing covers a broad area, with De being a part of it. It also includes Ren (forbearance), the ability to bear sufferings, enlightenment quality, how you deal with conflicts, etc. All of these are issues of Xinxing that also include the transformation of Gong and De. This is a broad matter. How much De you have does not indicate how much Gong you possess. Instead, it refers to how much your Gong can develop in the future. Only through the improvement of Xinxing can De be transformed into Gong.

Q: Each family member practices a different type of Qigong. Will they interfere with each other?

A: No, not with Falun Gong. But, I do not know whether other practice systems will interfere with each other. As for our Falun Gong, no one is able to interfere with it. Furthermore, you will be beneficial to them because we cultivate righteous Fa (law) and will not go deviant.

Q: There many different sayings prevailing in the society, such as chain letters. How are we supposed to deal with them?

A: I tell you that these things are pure deceit. Do not return his letter. How pathetic it is. You do not have to deal with it. You can discover whether or not this is righteous by just taking a look at it. Our Fa has strict requirements for Xinxing cultivation. I call some of the Qigong masters "Qigong dealers", who use Qigong as a form of merchandise, turning it into an asset in exchange for money. These kinds of people do not have anything real to teach. If they possess a little bit of something, it will not be of a high level. Some of it may even be evil.

Q: If Falun Gong students have been formally converted to Buddhism in temples, what should they do? Should they withdraw?

A: This has little to do with us. Although you have already been formally converted to Buddhism, that is only a formality.

Q: There are several of us whose heads have been feeling swollen and dizzy since we began our study.

A: This may be because you are new students whose bodies have not been fully adjusted. The energy I emit is very powerful. When the ill Qi comes out, it will make your head feel bloated. That happens when we are treating the illness in your head, and is a good thing. However, the quicker the illness goes away, the stronger your reaction will be. When we held seven-day seminars, some people could not take it. Problems may arise if the time is shortened even more. The energy emitted is very powerful, and the reaction is very strong with the head feeling intolerably bloated. It seems that a ten-day seminar is safer. People who came in late may react a little stronger.

Q: Can we smoke cigarettes or drink during cultivation? What if we have to drink due to the nature of our work?

A: This is how I view this subject. Our Qigong of the Buddha School prohibits drinking. After a while without drinking, you may want to drink again. Quit gradually, but do not take too long; otherwise you will be punished. As to smoking, I think it is an issue of willpower. As long as you want to quit, you can. Ordinary people often think, "I will quit smoking today." Several days later, they cannot adhere to it. Then, after a couple of days, they pick up this thought again and try to quit one more time. This way, they have never been able to quit smoking. Ordinary people live in this world, and having social dealings when in contact with others is unavoidable. But, having already started cultivating, you should no longer consider yourself an ordinary person. As long as you have the will, you will achieve your goal. Of course, some of my students still smoke cigarettes. He can quit on his own, but when someone else hands him one, he is too polite to refuse. He wants to smoke and feels uncomfortable when not smoking for a couple of days. But if he smokes again, he will also feel uncomfortable. You must exercise control over yourself. Some people are in the business of public relations, which demands them to frequently wine and dine guests. This is a difficult problem to solve. Do your best to drink as little as possible. Or, you think of another way to solve this problem.

Q: When we still cannot see Falun spinning, if we think of it spinning clockwise, will we affect the Falun that happens to be spinning counterclockwise?

A: Falun spins automatically. It does not need the guidance of your mindwill. I want to emphasize it one more time: Do not use your intention. Intentions actually cannot control it anyway. Do not think that you can use your intention to control it to rotate in the opposite direction. The Falun located in the lower abdomen is not controlled by intention. The Falun that are used externally to adjust your body may accept your intention if you wish to let them rotate in a particular way. You may sense that. I tell you: Do not do this. You cannot practice with any intention. Won't practice with intention turn into "the practitioner refining the Gong"? It should be the Falun or Fa (law) that refines the practitioner. Why is it that you can never loosen your grip on your intention? Any cultivation that has reached a higher level, even Taoist cultivation, is not guided by intention.

Q: What is the best time, location or direction to practice Falun Gong so the best results can be achieved? How many times a day is considered appropriate? Does it matter if it is practiced before or after meals?

A: Because Falun is round and a miniature of this universe, it cultivates the principles of the universe. Moreover, the universe is in motion. Therefore, it is the Fa (law) that refines the practitioner. When you are not cultivating, it cultivates you, which is different from any other cultivation principle or theory that has been made public. Mine is the only system where "the Fa refines the practitioner". All other cultivation methods take the path of "Dan" (energy cluster) which intentionally cultivates Gong and maintains a "Dan", unlike ours. Our system can be practiced anytime, for when you do not practice, the Gong cultivates you. There is no need to pick a time. Practice as much as you can, depending on how much time you have. Our exercises do not have a very strict requirement on this, but we do have strict requirements on Xinxing (mind-nature). Our exercises are not concerned with direction either. Whichever direction you choose to face is all right because the universe is revolving and in motion. If you face the west, it is not necessarily the real west. If you face the east, it is not necessarily the real east. I have asked my students to face west when practicing just to show respect. It, in fact, does not have any impact. You can exercise at any location, inside or outside of the home. But, I still feel that we should find a place with relatively good ground, surroundings and air. Particularly, it should be far away from dirty things such as garbage cans or toilets. Nothing else really matters. Cultivation of the Dafa is not concerned with time, location or direction. You can exercise before or after meals, but if you are too full, it will be uncomfortable to practice right away. It is better to rest a little while. When you are so hungry that your stomach is rumbling, it will also be hard for you to become tranquil. You should manage this based on your own situation.

Q: Is there any requirement after the exercises are finished, such as rubbing the face?

A: We do not worry about cold water or other things after the exercises, nor do we need to rub the face or hands. These are all intended to open the channels and acupuncture points within human bodies at the initial stage. We cultivate the Dafa, which does not involve these things. Right now you are not in the state where your body has just been adjusted. It seems very, very difficult for an ordinary person to start becoming a cultivator. In addition, some exercises cannot directly change human bodies. To them, some requirements are very complicated. We do not have those here, nor do we have those kinds of concepts. Do not bother with what I have not talked about; just keep on cultivating. Since we cultivate Dafa, the initial state in which your body is afraid of this and that, or is in the process of needing this or that requirement, passes within a matter of days. I would not make the statement that it is equivalent to a few years of practice with other cultivation methods, but it is almost the same. I do not talk about things at lower levels, such as this direction, that channel, etc. We only discuss things of a higher level. The cultivation of Dafa is true cultivation. It is cultivation, not exercises.

Q: Can we use the bathroom right after we are finished with our exercises? There are lots of bubbles in my urine. Is Qi leaking out?

A: That is not a problem. Since we cultivate at a higher level, our urine or excrement does indeed contain energy. Nevertheless, it has only a very small amount, and does not impact anything. Cultivating Dafa also means the salvation of all sentient beings. This little leakage is no big deal. What we gain back is much more. In teaching this class, the energy I discharged was immensely powerful, and was left all over the walls.

Q: Can we spread and promote Falun Gong? Can we teach it to people who did not attend the class? Can people who have not attended the class practice at the assistance center? Is it all right to mail audio tapes and books to relatives or friends living out of town?

A: One will not go deviant when promoting our cultivation system and letting more people benefit from it. I have lectured to you on many Fa (laws), letting you know the Fa of a higher level, letting you understand and see things of a higher level. I have told you all these in advance because I am afraid that if I wait, you would not understand when you see or encounter these. You can teach other people to practice, but you are not able to install Falun. What should you do? I have said that my Fashen (law body) will leave you if you cultivate on and off and do not really practice. If you truly cultivate, the Fashen will look after you. So when you teach someone, you bring the information I taught to you, which carries the Falun-forming Qiji (energy mechanism). If the person you teach puts an effort into practicing, Falun will be formed. If he is predestined and has good inborn quality, he can get Falun right on the spot. Our book is very detailed. Good cultivation can still take place without being taught by someone directly.

Q: Is Falun Gong concerned with breathing? How do we regulate the breaths?

A: You do not need to regulate your breath when cultivating Falun Gong. We are not concerned with breathing. That is what one would learn at an entry level. We do not need it here because regulating and controlling breathing is to cultivate the Dan (energy cluster), to add air and feed the fire. Breathing in an upstream or downstream style or swallowing saliva are all for the purpose of cultivating Dan. We do not cultivate that way. Everything you need is accomplished by the Falun. The more difficult and higher level things are done by master's Fashen (law body). Actually any cultivation method, even including the Taoist school in which cultivation of Dan is discussed in more detail, is not accomplished by means of intention. As a matter of fact, it is the grand master of that particular school who helps one cultivate and transform those things without his knowledge. You cannot possibly accomplish it on your own deliberately, unless you have reached enlightenment. Only the enlightened can do it.

Q: Do we need to use intention when practicing? Where does the intention of these exercises lie?

A: We do not use intention here. I have been telling everyone not to use intention and to give up attachments. Do not pursue any intention. In the third set where the two palms carry Qi to penetrate the two cosmic extremes, all that is needed is one quick thought. Do not think about anything else.

Q: Is collecting energy the same as collecting Qi?

A: What do we collect Qi for? What we cultivate is Dafa. In the future, you will not even be able to emit Qi. What we cultivate is not Qi, which is at a lower level. We emit light instead. The collection of energy is done by the Falun, not by ourselves. But, for instance, the exercise of Penetrating the Two Cosmic Extremes is actually used to open up your body. It can also function to collect energy, but that is not the main purpose. How to collect Qi? Since you cultivate Dafa, with a simple wave of your hand, you will feel a heaviness above your head, a great deal of Qi has come. But what do you need it for? Energy does not need to be collected deliberately.

Q: Does Falun Gong cover "building a foundation within 100 days" and "fetal breathing"?

A: Those are all practices of lower levels, which we do not cultivate. We have long passed that unstable entry-level stage.

Q: Is Falun Gong concerned with the balance of Yin and Yang?

A: These are all at the level of cultivating Qi, things of a lower level. When you go beyond that level, the issue of balance between Yin and Yang does not exist in your body anymore. It does not matter which system you cultivate, as long as you receive genuine teaching from the master, you are guaranteed to depart from the lower level. You will have to completely discard everything you have learned in the past, keeping nothing. A new set of things will be cultivated at the new level. After passing this new level, another new set of things will be cultivated again. It is like this.

Q: Can we practice when it thunders? Do practitioners of Falun Gong fear sound?

A: Let me give you an example. I once taught students in a courtyard of a big building in Beijing. It was going to rain, and the thunder was extremely intense. At that time, they were practicing exercises that were taught only to disciples, which required doing a walking moving-stance on Falun. I saw the rain coming, yet they were not finished with the exercise. But, the heavy rain could not manage to fall. The clouds were sitting very low, rolling over the top of the building. With the thunder crashing and booming, it was very dark. During that time, a thunderbolt struck the edge of the Falun, but we were not harmed, not even a hair. We could see clearly how the thunderbolt struck the ground and still left us unharmed. This means that our Gong gives us protection. Usually, when I practice, I do not care what the weather is. Whenever I think of practicing, I will practice. As long as there is time, I will practice. I am not afraid of sound, either. Other methods fear sound, because when you are very, very tranquil and suddenly hear a very loud sound, you will have a feeling as if the Qi all over your body was going to explode, flickering and running outside the body. But do not worry, our cultivation does not go deviant. Of course, do your best to find a quiet place to practice.

Q: Should we visualize master's image?

A: There is no need to visualize. When your Tianmu (third eye) is opened, you will see my Fashen (law body) next to you.

Q: Is there any requirement when practicing these five sets of exercises? Must they be practiced all together? Can we count silently when practicing those that require nine repetitions? Will it be counterproductive if we do more than nine repetitions or remember certain movements incorrectly?

A: You can practice any set among the five sets of exercises. I think it is best to practice the first set prior to doing the others because the first set opens up the entire body. You should practice that once. After you body is fully opened up, then go on to other sets. That would be more effective. Practice as much as you can, depending on the time you have available. Or, you can select a particular set to practice. The movements in the third and fourth sets should be repeated nine times respectively, and it is written in the book that you can count silently. You can go home and try asking your child to stand nearby and count while you practice. When you are finished doing the nine repetitions, you will no longer find the Qiji (energy mechanism) to continue the repetition because that is how my things work. At the beginning, you need to think about it, but once you have gotten into the habit, you will naturally stop. If you remember some movements incorrectly or do too many or too few repetitions, correct them and it should be fine.

Q: Why is the end of the movements not the end of the practice?

A: Falun revolves automatically. It instantly knows you have stopped practicing. It contains a tremendous amount of energy and can instantly take back what it emitted, much better than what you can intentionally do to take it back. This is not the end of Gong; rather it is taking back the energy. Other cultivation methods actually do end the minute the exercises are over. Our system is being practiced at all times, even when the movements are stopped. Therefore, the Gong cannot be terminated. Even if you want to stop Falun from revolving, you will not be able to. If I discuss it at a deeper level, you will not understand. If you could stop it from rotating, I would have to stop, too. Will you be able to stop me?

Q: Can we practice Jieyin (conjoin hands) and Shuang Shou Heshi (press the hands together) as a standing stance exercise?

A: The first set - "Buddha Showing A Thousand Hands" can not be practiced as a standing stance exercise. When you use too much strength to stretch, you will encounter problems.

Q: Is it required that the underarms should be kept hollow during practice? When practicing the first set, my underarms feel very tense. What happened?

A: Do you have an illness? During the initial stage, when adjustments are being made to your body, you may discover various phenomena. You will have some symptoms, but they are not brought out by the exercises.

Q: Can people who did not attend Master Li's class practice together with other students in parks?

A: Yes. Any student can teach others how to practice. When students teach the exercises to others, it is not like how I have been teaching you here. I directly make adjustments to your bodies. But there are still people who acquire Falun as soon as they start practicing, because behind every student exists my Fashen who can directly handle these matters. This all depends on their predestined relationship. When their predestined relationship is strong, they can get Falun right on the spot; if their predestined relationship is not as strong, through long term practice, you can develop the revolving mechanism yourself. Through more practice, you will be able to develop the revolving mechanism into a Falun.

Q: What is the meaning of the hand gestures in the tranquil exercise "StrengtheningDivine Powers"?

A: Our language cannot explain it. Each gesture embodies a wealth of meaning. In general, it says, "I will start practicing the movements and practicing the Buddha's Fa. I will adjust my body and enter into the state of cultivation."

Q: When we reach the state of "Milky White Body" through cultivation, is it true that all sweat pores have been opened up to form body-breathing?

A: Try to feel it everyone, you have already passed this level. Because in order to adjust your bodies to the state of "Milky White Body", I had to lecture on Fa for more than 10 hours, and no less. We instantly bring you to the stage that you would reach after decades or longer of practicing other cultivation methods. Because this step does not require Xinxing (mind-nature) standards, it is done according to the ability of the master. Before you have even felt it, the level has already gone by. Perhaps it had only been a few hours. One day, you feel very sensitive, but in a short while, you are not as sensitive. In fact, a major level had just been passed. However, you would remain in this state for a year or more with other cultivation methods. Those actually are at a lower level.

Q: Is it all right if we think about all the movements of Falun Gong while riding the bus or waiting in line?

A: Our exercises do not require intentions, nor the length of time for which they must be practiced everyday. Without a doubt, the longer you practice the better. When you do not practice, it refines you instead. But during the initial stage, it is better to practice more to strengthen it. It happens to some students that when they go on business trips for a couple of months, they have no time to practice, but there is no impact at all. Falun still revolves after they get back because it never stops. As long as you consider yourself a cultivator in your mind and guard your Xinxing well, it will continue to function. But there is one thing, if you do not practice and you mix yourself with ordinary people, it will dissolve.

Q: Can Falun Gong and Tantrism be practiced together?

A: Tantrism also uses a Falun, but it cannot be practiced together with our cultivation method. If you have cultivated Tantrism and its Falun has already been formed, you can continue to cultivate Tantrism because Tantrism is also a righteous law. However, they cannot be practiced at the same time. The Falun of Tantrism cultivates the middle channel and revolves horizontally. Its Falun differs from ours, and has mantras on the wheel. Our Falun is placed vertically on the lower abdomen with the flat side facing out. With the limited space on the lower abdomen, my Falun alone completely covers the area. If one more is placed there, things will be messed up.

Q: Can we practice other Buddha School cultivation systems while practicing Falun Gong? Can we listen to audio tapes that chant Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara's name? Can lay Buddhists who live at home chant scriptures after they have learned Falun Gong? Can we practice other exercises at the same time?

A: I think not. Every method is a way of cultivation. You must cultivate only one way if you truly want to cultivate and not just cure diseases or improve health. This is a serious matter. Cultivating toward higher levels requires one to keep cultivating in one cultivation way. This is an absolute truth. Even the cultivation ways within the Buddha School cannot be mixed. The cultivation we talk about is of a higher level and descended from many, many ages ago. Depending on your feelings will not work. Looking from a different dimension, the transformation process is extremely profound and complex. Just like a precision instrument, if you take off one of its components and replace it with something else, it will immediately break down. The same goes for cultivation; nothing should be mixed into it. It is bound to go wrong if you mix it up. It is the same with all cultivation ways. If you want to cultivate, you must focus on only one way. You will not be able to cultivate at all if you do not. The saying of "gathering the best of every cultivation way" is only applicable to the level of curing diseases and improving health. It will not bring you to a higher level.

Q: Will we interfere with each other when practicing with people who practice other cultivation ways?

A: Regardless of what kind of cultivation way he practices, from the Tao School, supernormal practice or Buddha School, as long as it is righteous, it has no impact on us at all. You will not interfere with him either. It is beneficial to him if he practices near you. Because Falun is an intelligent being and does not cultivate Dan (energy cluster), it will automatically help.

Q: Can we ask other Qigong masters to adjust our bodies? Will it have any impact if we listen to lectures by other Qigong masters?

A: I believe that after this class, you will feel what state your body has reached. After a while, it is not permissible for you to have diseases. When problems do come again, they may feel like having a cold or a stomachache, but actually they are not the same anymore. They are instead tribulations and tests. If you look for other Qigong masters, it means you do not comprehend or believe what I said. With the mentality for pursuit, you will attract evil messages, which will interfere with your cultivation. If the Gong of that Qigong master comes from Futi (message possession), you may also end up attracting those beings. The same thing goes for listening to the lectures, doesn't "the desire to listen" mean you pursue something? You will have to comprehend this problem on your own. This is an issue of Xinxing (mind-nature). I am not going to deal with it. If he talks about very high-level principles, or issues of Xinxing, it may be all right. You attended my class, and your body has been adjusted through great effort. Originally, the messages from other practices in your body were very mixed up, messing up the body. Now everything has been adjusted to the best state with the bad removed and the good retained. Of course, I do not object to you learning other cultivation methods. If you feel Falun Gong is not good, you can learn other cultivation methods. But I believe if you learn too many different things, it is not good for you either. You have already cultivated the Dafa and the Fashen (law body) is right by your side. You have acquired things of a higher level and now you want to go back and search again!

Q: Can we study other practices if we practice Falun Gong, such as massage, self-defense, Single-Finger Zen, Taichi, etc. ? If we do not practice these but just read related books, will it have any impact?

A: It is all right to study massage and self-defense, but when cruelty comes to you, you will feel uncomfortable. Single-Finger Zen and Taichi are classified as Qigong. If you practice those, you will be adding things, making my substance that exists in your body impure. If you read the books that talk about Xinxing, it is all right. But some authors draw conclusions even before they have figured it all out themselves. It will confuse your thoughts.

Q: When doing "Holding the Wheel in Front of the Head", my hands will touch at times. Is it all right?

A: Do not let the hands touch. We require you to keep a small gap. If the hands touch, the energy on the hands will return back to the body.

Q: When practicing the second set, if we cannot hold the arms anymore, can we put them down and then continue with the practice?

A: Cultivation is very bitter. It is not effective if the minute you feel sore you bring it down. The guideline is: The longer the better. However, you should go according to your own ability.

Q: Why is the left leg underneath the right one for females in the full lotus position?

A: Because our cultivation takes into consideration one essential factor. The female body is different from the male body, therefore it should match the female physique if she wants to use her Benti (true being) to transform herself. For women, it is usually the left leg that supports the right, conforming to her own situation. Men are the opposite. The essential character is different.

Q: Is listening to tapes or music or reciting verbal formulas acceptable when practicing?

A: If it is decent Buddha School music, you can listen. But cultivation in the true sense needs no music because it requires the ability to enter tranquillity. Listening to music is an attempt to replace various thoughts with just one.

Q: When practicing "Penetrating the Two Cosmic Extremes", should we relax or use strength?

A: Penetrating the Two Cosmic Extremes requires standing naturally and relaxed, unlike the first set. All of the rest require that you relax, which is different from the first set.

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