Shen Tong Jia Chi Fa Strengthening Divine Powers Exercise Principle

The Strengthening Divine Powers Exercise is a tranquil cultivation exercise in Falun Gong. It is a multi-purpose practice intended to strengthen one's divine powers (including supernormal capabilities) and energy potency by turning Falun with the Buddha's hand gestures. This is an above intermediate-level exercise and was originally kept as a secretive practice. In order to meet the requests of practitioners with a substantial foundation, I especially make public this cultivation method to save those predestined practitioners. This exercise requires sitting with both legs crossed. The full-lotus position is preferred though the half-lotus position is also acceptable. During the practice, the flow of Qi is strong and the energy field around the body is quite large. The hands move to follow Qiji ( the energy mechanism) installed by the master. When the hand movements start, the heart follows the movement of the thoughts. When strengthening the divine powers, keep the mind empty, with a slight focus on both palms. The center of the palms will feel warm, heavy, electric, numb, as if holding a weight, etc. Nevertheless, do not pursue any of these sensations intentionally, just let it happen naturally. The longer the legs are crossed, the better, and it depends on one's endurance. The longer one sits, the more intensive the exercise is and the faster the energy grows. When doing this exercise, (Do not think of anything. There is no mind intent) ease into tranquillity. Gradually enter into the state of Ding (deep tranquillity) from the dynamic state which is seemingly tranquil but not Ding. However, your main consciousness must be aware that you are practicing.

Kou Jue (Verse recited once right before the exercise)

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Healing Properties Of Tai Chi

Healing Properties Of Tai Chi

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