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The Falun of Falun Gong is an intelligent, spinning body of high-energy substances. It rotates according to the order of the entire grand movements of the cosmos. In a sense, the Falun is a miniature of the universe.

In the center of the Falun there is a Buddha School symbol of srivatsa, rt, (in Sanskrit, srivatsa means "the gathering of all good fortune" (refer to the Ci Hai dictionary)), which is the core of the Falun. Its color is close to golden yellow, and its base color is bright red. The base color of the outer ring is orange. Four Taiji40 symbols and four Buddha School srivatsa are arranged alternately in eight directions. The Taiji that consist of red and black colors belong to the Dao School, while the Taiji consisting of red and blue are of the Great Primordial Dao School. The four small srivatsa are also golden yellow. The base color of the Falun changes periodically from red, to orange, to yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. These are extraordinarily beautiful colors (refer to the color insert). The colors of the central srivatsa, rf, and the Taiji do not change. These srivatsa, rf, of different sizes rotate on their own, as does the Falun. The Falun is rooted in the universe. The universe is rotating, all galaxies are rotating, and so the Falun is also rotating. Those whose Third

40 Taiji (tye-jee)—the symbol of the Dao School, popularly referred to in the West as the "yin-yang" symbol.

Eye are at lower levels can see the Falun spinning like a fan; those whose Third Eye are at higher levels can see the whole image of the Falun, which is extraordinarily beautiful and brilliant, and this encourages practitioners to cultivate more diligently and make faster progress.

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Healing Properties Of Tai Chi

Healing Properties Of Tai Chi

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