Shangen Acupuncture Point

(1) Opening the Third Eye

The Third Eye's main passage is located between the middle of the forehead and the Shangen20 point. The way everyday people see things with the naked eye works the same way as a camera does: The size of the lens, or pupil, is adjusted according to the distance of an object and the intensity of the light. Via the optic nerves, images then form on the pineal gland, located at the back of the brain. The supernormal ability of Penetrative Vision is simply the ability of the pineal gland to look directly out through the Third Eye. An average person's Third Eye is closed, as his or her main passage is narrow and dark. There is no quintessential qi inside, no illumination. Some people cannot see, for their passages are blocked.

To open the Third Eye, we first use either outside force or self-cultivation to unblock the passage. The shape of the passage varies with each individual, ranging from oval to round, rhombic to triangular. The better you cultivate, the rounder the passage will become. Second, the master gives you an eye. If you cultivate on your own then you have to cultivate it yourself. Third, you need to have quintessential qi21 at the location of your Third Eye.

20 Shangen (shahn-gun) point—acupuncture point located between one's eyebrows and slightly below.

21 "qi" can also be used in a much broader sense to describe substances that are invisible and amorphous, such as air, smell, anger, etc.

We usually see things with our two eyes, and it is exactly these two eyes that block our channel to other dimensions. Since they function as a shield, we can only see objects that exist in our physical dimension. Opening the Third Eye allows you to see without using these two eyes. You can also cultivate to have a True Eye after you reach a very high level. Then you can see with the True Eye of The Third Eye, or with the True Eye at the Shangen point. According to the Buddha School, every pore of the body is an eye—there are eyes all over the body. According to the Dao School, every acupuncture point is an eye. The main passage is nonetheless located at the Third Eye, and it has to be opened first. In class, I plant in everyone things that can open the Third Eye. The results vary owing to differences in people's physical qualities. Some people see a dark hole similar to a deep well. This means the passage of the Third Eye is dark. Others see a white tunnel. If objects can be seen in front, the Third Eye is about to open. Some see objects revolving, which are what Master22 has planted to open the Third Eye. You will be able to see once the Third Eye is drilled open. Some people can see a large eye through their Third Eye, and they think it is the Buddha's eye. It is actually their own eye. These are usually people with relatively good inborn quality.

According to our statistics, the Third Eye is opened for more than half of the attendees each time we give a lecture series. A problem might arise after the Third Eye is opened, wherein a person whose xinxing isn't high can easily use the Third Eye to do bad things. To prevent this problem, I open your Third Eye directly to the level of Wisdom Eyesight—in other words, to an advanced level that allows you to directly see scenes from other dimensions and to see things that appear during cultivation, allowing you to believe them. This will reinforce your confidence in cultivation. The xinxing of people who have just started practicing have not yet reached the level of supernormal people. They are thus inclined to do wrong once they possess supernormal things. Let's give a playful example: If you were to walk along the street and come upon a lottery stand, you might be able to walk away with the first prize. This won't be allowed to happen—it's just to illustrate the point. Another reason is that we are opening the Third Eye for a large number of people. Suppose every person's Third Eye was opened at a lower level: Just imagine if everyone could see through the human body or see objects behind walls—could we still call this a human society? Human society would be severely disrupted, so it is neither permissible nor achievable. Furthermore, it wouldn't do practitioners any good and would only foster their attachments. So we won't open the Third Eye for you at a low level. We will instead open it directly at a high level.

(2) The Third Eye's Levels

The Third Eye has many different levels; at different levels it sees different dimensions. According to Buddhism there are five levels: Flesh Eyesight, Celestial Eyesight, Wisdom Eyesight, Law Eyesight, and Buddha Eyesight. Each level is subdivided into upper, middle, and lower levels. Only our material world can be observed when at or below the level of Celestial Eyesight. Only at or above the level of Wisdom Eyesight will other dimensions be observable. Those who have the supernormal ability of Penetrative Vision can see things accurately, with clarity better than that of a CAT scan. But what they can see is still within this physical world and

22 Master—the Chinese term used here, shifu, is composed of two characters: one meaning "teacher," the other "father."

doesn't exceed the dimension in which we exist; they aren't considered to have reached an advanced level of the Third Eye.

The level of a person's Third Eye is determined by the amount of his or her quintessential qi, as well as the width, brightness, and degree of blockage of the main passage. The internal, quintessential qi is critical in determining how thoroughly the Third Eye will be able to open. It is particularly easy to open the Third Eye for children under the age of six. I needn't even bother using my hand, as it opens once I start talking. This is because children have received little negative influence from our physical world and they haven't committed any wrongdoing. Their quintessential qi is well preserved. The Third Eye of a child over the age of six becomes increasingly difficult to open, owing to the increase of external influences as they grow up. In particular, unsound education, being spoiled, and turning immoral can all make the quintessential qi dissipate. All of it will be gone after a certain point is reached. Those people whose quintessential qi is completely lost can gradually recover it through cultivation, but it takes a long period of time and arduous effort. So the quintessential qi is extremely precious.

I don't recommend that a person's Third Eye be opened at the level of Celestial Eyesight, because a practitioner with low gong potency will lose more energy looking at objects than he accumulates through cultivation. The Third Eye might once again close if too much of the essential energy is lost. Once it closes it won't be easy to open again. So I usually open the Third Eye for people at the level of Wisdom Eyesight. No matter how clear or unclear a cultivator's vision is, he or she will be able to see objects in other dimensions. Since people are affected by their innate qualities, some see clearly, some see things intermittently, and others see unclearly. But at a minimum, you will be able to see light. This will help a cultivator progress toward high levels. Those who can't see clearly will be able to remedy this through cultivation.

People who have less quintessential qi only see images in black and white through the Third Eye. The Third Eye of a person who has relatively more quintessential qi will be able to see scenes in color and in clearer form. The more the quintessential qi, the better the clarity. But every individual is different. Some people are born with the Third Eye open, while for others it might be tightly clogged. When the Third Eye is opening, the image is similar to the blooming of a flower, opening layer after layer. You will initially discover during the seated meditation that there is illumination in the area of the Third Eye. At the beginning the illumination isn't so bright, while later it turns red. The Third Eye of some people is tightly closed, so their initial physical reactions might be quite strong. These people will feel the muscles around the primary passage and the Shangen point tightening, as if they were being pressed and squeezed inward. Their temples and foreheads will start to feel like they are swelling and aching. All of these are symptoms of the Third Eye opening. A person whose Third Eye opens easily can occasionally see certain things. During my classes, some people unwittingly see my Law Bodies. They disappear when they intentionally try to look, as these people are then actually using their physical eyes. When you see some things with your eyes closed, try to remain in that state of seeing and you will gradually see things more clearly. If you want to watch more closely, you will actually switch to your own eyes and use the optic nerves. You will then be unable to see anything.

The dimensions perceived by the Third Eye differ in accordance with the level of a person's Third Eye. Some scientific research departments fail to understand this principle, preventing some qigong experiments from reaching their expected outcomes. Occasionally, some experiments even reach opposite conclusions. For example, an institute designed a method to test supernormal abilities. They asked qigong masters to see the contents of a sealed box. Because those masters' Third Eye levels are different, their answers are different. The research staff then regarded the Third Eye as false and as a misleading concept. Someone with a lower-level Third Eye will usually achieve better results in this kind of experiment, because his Third Eye is opened at the level of the Celestial Eyesight—a level suitable only for observing objects in this physical dimension. So people who don't understand the Third Eye think that these people have the greatest supernormal abilities. All objects, organic or inorganic, appear in different shapes and forms in different dimensions. For example, as soon as a glass is manufactured, in a different dimension an intelligent entity comes into existence. Moreover, prior to existing as this entity it might have been something else. When the Third Eye is at its lowest level, one will see the glass. At a high level one will see the entity that exists in the other dimension. At an even higher level one will see the material form prior to the existence of that intelligent entity.

(3) Remote Viewing

After opening the Third Eye, the supernormal ability of Remote Viewing emerges for some people, and they are able to see objects thousands of miles away. Each individual occupies dimensions of his own. In those dimensions he is as big as a universe. Within a certain particular dimension, he has a mirror in front of his forehead, though it is invisible in our dimension. Everyone has this mirror, but the mirror of a nonpractitioner faces inward. For practitioners, this mirror slowly turns over. Once it turns over, the mirror can reflect what the practitioner wants to see. In his particular dimension he is rather large. Since his body is fairly large, so too is his mirror. Whatever the cultivator wants to see can be reflected onto the mirror. Although the image has been captured, he still can't see, as the image needs to stay on the mirror for a second. The mirror turns over and allows him to see the objects it reflects. Then it turns back, flipping back over quickly, and flipping back and forth ceaselessly. Cinematic film moves at twenty-four frames per second to produce continuous movement. The speed at which the mirror flips is much faster than that, and so the images appear continuous and clear. This is Remote Viewing—the principle of Remote Viewing is this simple. This used to be very secret, yet I have revealed it in just a few lines.

(4) Dimensions

From our perspective, dimensions are quite complicated. Humankind knows only the dimension in which humans currently exist, while other dimensions haven't yet been explored or detected. When it comes to other dimensions, we qigong masters have already seen dozens of levels of dimensions. These, too, can be explained theoretically, though they remain unproven by science. Even though some people don't admit the existence of certain things, they have actually reflected into our dimension. For example, there is a place called the Bermuda Triangle (the Devil's Triangle). Some ships and planes have disappeared in that area, only to reemerge years later. No one can explain why, as no one has gone beyond the confines of human thoughts and theories. In fact, the Triangle is a gateway to another dimension. Unlike our regular doors that have definite positions, it remains in an unpredictable state. The ship can easily enter the other dimension if it passes through when the door happens to be open. Humans cannot sense the differences between the dimensions, and they enter into the other dimension instantly. The space-time difference between that dimension and our dimension cannot be expressed in miles—a distance of thousands of miles might be contained in one point here, that is, they might exist in the same place and at the same time. The ship swings in for a moment and comes back out again by accident. Yet decades have passed in this world, since time is different in these two dimensions. There are also unitary worlds existing in each dimension. There is a similarity here to our models of atomic structures wherein one ball is connected to another by a string, involving many balls and strings; it is very complex.

A British pilot was carrying out a mission four years prior to World War II. In the middle of his flight he ran into a heavy thunderstorm. By drawing on past experience, he was able to find an abandoned airport. The moment the airport appeared before his eyes, a completely different picture came into view: All of a sudden it was sunny and cloudless, as if he had just emerged from another world. The airplanes at the airport were colored in yellow, and people were busy doing things on the ground. He thought this was so weird! No one acknowledged him after he touched down; even the control tower didn't contact him. The pilot then decided to leave since the sky had cleared up. He flew again, and when he was at the same distance at which he had seen the airport moments ago, he again plunged into a thunderstorm. He eventually managed to get back. He reported the situation and even wrote it down in the flight record. But his superiors didn't believe him. Four years later World War II broke out, and he was transferred to that abandoned airport. He immediately recalled that it was exactly the same scene he had seen four years before. All of us qigong masters know how to explain it. He did in advance what he would do four years later. Before the first action had begun, he had gone there and played his role in advance. Things then returned to being in the right order.

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