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Q: When master was lecturing, I saw a 3-foot golden halo above master's head, and many golden halos the size of the head behind your back.

A: The Tianmu of this person has already reached a pretty high level.

Q: I saw golden light mixed in the wine spit out by master's disciples when they were giving treatments to other people.

A: I say this person has cultivated pretty well. He could see the supernormal capabilities that were emitted.

Q: Will it have any impact on a child if his Tianmu is opened? Does an open Tianmu release energy?

A: It is very easy for children under the age of 6 to have their Tianmu opened. If small children don't practice, the opening of their Tianmu will result in the leakage of energy. But, someone in the family must practice. It is best to have him look through his Tianmu once a day, preventing it from being closed as well as preventing too much leakage. It is best for small children to practice on their own. The more they use it, the more energy will leak out. What it impacts is not their physical body but their most fundamental things. But if well preserved, it won't have any impact. What I just talked about refers to small children, not adults. Some people have Tianmu that are wide open and they are not afraid of the leakage of energy, but they cannot see things that are at a very high level. There are also some who can see very high levels. When they see, a Fashen (law body) or other masters provide the energy. It is not a problem.

Q: I saw a golden glow on master's body as well as on master's shadow, but they disappeared in the blink of an eye. What happened?

A: That is my Fashen. I am lecturing, and I have an energy pole on the top of my head, which is the situation for the level I am at. It disappeared after one blink because you didn't know how to use your Tianmu. You used your flesh eyes.

Q: How do we apply supernormal capabilities?

A: I think it will be a problem to apply supernormal capabilities to military science or other high technology or espionage. Our universe has characteristics. If they conform to the characteristics, they work; if they don't, they won't work as well. In spite of being asked to do good deeds, one may not be able to acquire advanced things. He may only be able to sense or feel it. It doesn't do much harm to the normal social development if the person only uses minor supernormal capabilities. If he wants to change certain things, he has to make things happen on a very large scale. In terms of whether or not he is needed for that, what he says doesn't count because the development of the society doesn't go according to people's will. He may want to achieve certain things, but the final decision is up to him.

Q: How does one's consciousness go in and out of the body?

A: The consciousness we talk about usually goes out through the crown of the head. Of course, it is not limited to that way. He can go out through any spot, unlike what is emphasized in other cultivation schools that he has to go out through the crown of the head. He can leave the body at any location. It is the same when he enters the body.

Q: There is red light in the area of Tianmu with a black hole in the middle. It blooms rapidly. Is Tianmu being opened? Sometimes it is also accompanied by starlight and lightning.

A: When you see starlight, the Tianmu is close to being opened. When you see lightning, it is almost entirely opened.

Q: I saw red and green colored halos on master's head and body. But when I closed my eyes, I couldn't see anything. Did I see with peripheral vision?

A: You didn't use peripheral vision. You just didn't know how to see with your eyes closed, so you could only do it with your eyes opened. Frequently people don't know how to use their already-opened Tianmu. Sometimes they see things with their eyes open by accident. But when you want to take a really good look at them, you actually start to use your eyes; therefore, things disappear again. When you are not paying attention, you will see them again.

Q: My daughter sees some circles in the sky, but she can't explain it clearly. We asked her to take a look at the Falun emblem, and she says that's what it is. Is her Tianmu really open?

A: Children under the age of six can have their Tianmu opened with just one glance at our Falun emblem. However, you shouldn't do it. Children can see it.

Q: I don't know how to use the already-opened Tianmu. Would master please explain?

A: When the Tianmu is completely opened up, people will know how to use it even if they didn't before. When it is very bright and easy to use, people will know how to use it even if they previously didn't. Vision through the Tianmu takes place unintentionally. When you want to take a more careful look, you've inadvertently switched to your eyes and used the optic nerve. Therefore, you cannot see it anymore.

Q: When the Tianmu is open, do we get to see the entire universe?

A: There are levels when it comes to opening Tianmu. In other words, how much truth you will see depends on your level. The opening of your Tianmu doesn't mean you will be able to see everything in the universe. You, however, will gradually improve your level through further cultivation until you reach enlightenment. Then, you will be able to see more levels. But even then, it is not guaranteed that what you see is the truth of the entire universe. Because when Sakyamuni was preaching during his lifetime, he was also improving himself continuously; every time that he reached a new level, he discovered that what he lectured on previously was not definite, and it changed again at an even higher level. That was why he finally said, "There is no Dharma that is definitive." There is one principle for each level. It was even impossible for him to envision the truth of the entire universe. From the standpoint of our average people, it becomes inconceivable that someone in this world can cultivate to the level of Tathagata because they only know of the level of Tathagata. They don't know that there are levels higher than that, so they can no longer know or accept things of a higher nature. Tathagata is a very minor level of Buddha Fa (law). This is what it refers to by saying, "The great Fa is boundless".

Q: Do the things that we see on your body really exist?

A: Of course they really exist. All dimensions are composed of matter. Only its structure is different from ours.

Q: My premonitions about the future frequently come true.

A: This is the supernormal capability of prediction that we talked about. In fact, it is the lower level of Suming Tong (precognition and retrocognition). The Gong we cultivate takes place in a different dimension where there is no concept of time. It remains the same regardless how far away it is; there is no concept of distance at all.

Q: Why do colorful people, sky and images appear during practice?

A: Your Tianmu has been opened, and what you saw belongs to another dimension. That dimension is layered, so you might have seen one of the levels. It is this beautiful.

Q: I heard a loud sound during practice, and felt as if my body had been cracked open. All of a sudden, I understood many things. Why?

A: It is easier for some to experience this, which is the process of a part of the body being exploded and opened up. You reached enlightenment in some aspects. This is classified as gradual enlightenment. When you are finished with one of your cultivation levels, a portion of it will be exploded and opened up. This is all very normal.

Q: At times, I feel that I can't move. Why is that?

A: During the initial stage of cultivation, you may feel that all of a sudden you can't move your hand or a particular part of your body. Why is that? Because you have acquired this supernormal capability of Ding (freeze) Gong. This is one of your intrinsic capabilities, and is very powerful. When someone has committed wrongdoing and is running away, you can say "Ding" and he will instantly be frozen still.

Q: When can we start giving treatments to others? I used to treat others' illnesses with some effectiveness. After I have learned Falun Gong, if people come to me for treatments, can I treat them?

A: I think for people in this class, regardless of what kind of exercises you have practiced, how long you have practiced them or whether or not you have reached the level of being able to cure diseases, at this lower level I don't want you to treat people because you don't know what kind of conditions you have. You may have cured diseases for other people. It could have been because you had a righteous mind that helped. Also it could have been a passing-by master who gave you a hand because you were doing a good deed. Despite the fact that the energy you've developed through cultivation helps you to do something, it cannot protect you. When you give treatments, you are in the same field as the patient. Over the course of time, the black Qi will make you sicker than the patient. If you asked the patient, "Are you recovered?" He would say, "A little better." What kind of treatment is that? Some Qigong masters say, "Come back tomorrow and again the day after tomorrow. I will treat you for some sessions." He also does it in "cycles". Isn't it deceitful? Wouldn't it be wonderful if you could hold off curing diseases until you have reached a higher level? Whoever you treat will recover. How good that will feel! If you have already developed Gong at a not-so-low level, and if it is absolutely necessary that you give treatments, I will open your hands and bring out your supernormal capability of curing diseases. But if you are to cultivate toward a higher level, I think it is best that you stay away from these things. In order to promote the Dafa (Great Law) and participate in social activities, some of my disciples are giving treatments. Because he is by my side and being trained by me, he is protected, and it is not going to cause problems.

Q: Can we tell others if we have developed supernormal capabilities?

A: If you tell others who also practice Falun Gong, provided that you are modest, it is not a problem. The reason for having all of you practice together is so that you can exchange and discuss. Of course, if you run into people outside who possess supernormal capabilities, you can also tell them. It doesn't really matter as long as you don't brag. If you want to brag about how capable you are, that will create problems. If you have bragged for a long while, the capability will disappear. If you only want to talk about the phenomena of Qigong and discuss without any inappropriate personal thoughts, I say it will not be a problem.

Q: The Buddha School talks about "emptiness" while the Tao School "nothingness". What do we talk about?

A: The Buddha School's "emptiness" and the Tao School's "nothingness" are unique to their own cultivation methods. Of course we are required to reach that level too. We talk about cultivating intentionally and acquiring Gong unintentionally. Cultivating Xinxing (mind-nature) and getting rid of attachments also result in emptiness and nothingness, but we don't emphasize heavily on that. Because you live in the material world, you need to make a living and work. You have to do things. Doing things inevitably brings the issue of goodness or badness. What do we do? What we cultivate is Xinxing, which is the most prominent feature of our method. As long as your mind is righteous and the things you do meet our requirements, there will be no problem with your Xinxing.

Q: How do we experience the development of our supernormal capabilities?

A: During the initial stage of cultivation, if you have developed supernormal capabilities, you will be able to feel it. If you have not yet, but your body is sensitive, you may be able to feel it. If neither is happening, there is no way for you to tell. The only thing you can do is to continue to cultivate in the dark. There are 60 to 70 percent of our students who have their Tianmu opened. I know they can see. Though you don't say anything, you observe with your eyes wide open. Why do I ask you to practice together? I want you to exchange and discuss internally within your groups. But to be responsible to this cultivation method, you should not talk without restraint outside of the groups. Internal exchange and improving each other is acceptable.

Q: What does the Fashen (law body) look like? Do I have Fashen?

A: Fashen looks the same as the person does. You don't have Fashen now. When your cultivation has reached a certain level, you will be finished with Shi-Jian-Fa (In-Triple-World-Fa) and enter into an extremely high level. Only then will you develop Fashen.

Q: After the class is finished, how long will master's Fashen follow us?

A: When a student suddenly starts to cultivate things of a higher level, to him, this represents a big turning point. It doesn't refer to the change of your thinking, but of your entire person. Because when an ordinary person gets what he is not supposed to get as an ordinary person, it becomes dangerous. His life will be threatened. My Fashen must provide him with protection. If I couldn't do this, yet still spread the Fa (law), it would be the same as harming people. Many Qigong masters are afraid of doing it and teaching cultivation because they could not take the responsibility. My Fashen will protect you all the time until you have reached enlightenment. If you stop halfway, the Fashen will simply leave you on his own.

Q: Master says, "Average people cultivate not through exercises, but through Xinxing. " Is it correct to say that one can reach enlightenment as long as he has very high Xinxing and that exercises are really not necessary?

A: Theoretically it is correct. As long as you cultivate your Xinxing, De (virtues) can be transformed into Gong. But, you must regard yourself as a cultivator. If you don't, the only thing you can achieve is to keep accumulating De. You may be able to accumulate a great deal of it, and be persistent in being a righteous person and accumulating De. You wouldn't be able to go further even if you regarded yourself as a cultivator, as you haven't learned Fa of higher levels. As you all know, I have disclosed many things. Without master's protection, it is very hard to cultivate to a higher level. It would be impossible for you to cultivate at a higher level even for one day. Therefore, it is not that easy to reach enlightenment. But after Xinxing has been improved, you can assimilate to the universal characteristic.

Q: What is the principle behind remote treatment?

A: It is very simple. The universe can expand or shrink; and so can the supernormal capabilities. I remain in the original location and don't move, but the supernormal capabilities that have been emitted can reach patients as far as in the United States. I can shoot the supernormal capabilities over or directly summon his Yuanshen (true spirit) to come here. This is the principle of remote treatment.

Q: Can we know how many kinds of supernormal capabilities will be developed?

A: There are more than ten thousand types of supernormal capabilities. It is not important to know exactly how many in detail. Knowing this principle and this Fa is sufficient. The remaining is left for you to cultivate. It is not necessary to know that much either; nor is it good for you. Masters look for disciples and accept disciples. Those disciples don't know anything at all, nor will the masters tell you. It is all up to you to realize.

Q: In class, when I close my eyes, I can see you lecturing on the stage. Your upper body is black. The desk is black, too. The cloth behind you is pink. Sometimes you are surrounded by green light. What is going on?

A: This is an issue of the level you are at, because when the Tianmu is just opened, you will perceive white as black and black as white. After your level has improved a bit, everything you see will be white; after further improvement, you can differentiate all colors.

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