Free Radicals

Ill Effects Of Masterbyt

Tai Chi Dla Latkuw

When taking fish oil supplements it is important to ensure the product is stable. Unstable fish oils not only taste and smell fishy but also induce free radical production. Free radicals can generate oxidative reactions within the body and cause damage. Vitamin C is a well-known infection fighter if taken in large enough amounts. Many people take at least 1 OOOmg per day for general health and well being and increase this amount substantially should they feel the signs of an infection. A good way to dose vitamin C when an infection is brewing is to take 1 OOOmg every hour until bowel tolerance. When such high dosages are required powdered forms of vitamin C are possibly easier to administer. Vitamin C works in a variety of ways. It can neutralise toxins produced by some microorganisms and can also immobilise microorganisms. It also helps to control and maintain immune cell activity and can increase the production of interferon and other anti-microbial agents. Vitamin C is also a...

Chi Sacred Water Practice

Water And Its Memory

If the water we drink contains too many pollutants and antioxidants it will eventually poison us. As we can see from these pictures, there is an enormous difference between natural spring water and regular city water. It is now quite clear that if we program water so that it becomes, sacred, holy or Chi water, then it will have the power to remove all antioxidants and pollutants - all sickness. It will have the power to reprogram the water within our bodies, to carry the same pure structure.


Shaolin Eye Qigong

Some scientists believe that we have a built in redundancy - a kind of genetic time bomb that one day says time's up , others posit a theory known as antagonistic pleiotropy (this is where certain functions that help us survive in early life are destructive later on -reproductive hormone synthesising cells could well be among this category by causing breast cancer), but currently the most popular explanation in the West is that of wear and tear from 'free radicals'. This theory suggests that the nutrients that we eat and the air that we breathe in order to live over a long period of time has a 'corrosive' effect and gradually damages our cell and D.N A. structure so that it ceases to function efficiently. In particular this theory suggests that super oxides (one of the forms oxygen can take in the blood) do much of the damage. Much of the evidence for this theory is of course only correlative i.e. animals with a high metabolic rate live longer than those with a low...