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Numbness, tingling, itch, heat, cold, light pain, and sweating are common sensations that appear during chi kung and meditation practice. These chi kung reactions are normal. They are mainly due to energy blockages being opened and cleared away. It is an indication that the area where the sensation occurs is being healed. Practitioners can use the mind to spiral the chi in the affected area to increase the rate of healing.

Sometimes an old illness that was thought to be healed may reappear to the surface. This is because the illness wasn't cure completely. It was just hidden deep within the bone and tendon. Since chi kung itself is a healing process, the old illness will reappear again to the surface in order to be healed. With continuous practice, it will be cured and dissolved completely.

When you circulate chi around your body through the meridian channels, you will feel "sensations" in different acupuncture points as the chi arrives. These sensations are useful in opening your microcosmic orbit. Sometimes these sensations can be felt as a ball of energy, electric current, or a stream of energy. It is different for everybody.

Sometime during seated meditation, you might feel drowsy and have the feeling that you are going to fall asleep. But don't worry, you will not actually fall asleep. You are just entering a meditative state or trance (close to alpha brainwave). But don't try to fall asleep either. In this state your body will feel totally relaxed without any tension, almost feeling like it is weightless. When it happened, just relax and observe. Spontaneous Movement is most likely to occur during this stage.

Spontaneous Movement is involuntary muscle contractions that will occur during chi kung or meditation practice. Hands, legs, head, or even the spine will start to move on their own. This is normal and can be beneficial to your practice. Just stay calm and observe. If it starts to move very vigorously and you would like it to stop, just mentally order it to stop. It will then slow down and stop. But don't use your muscle strength to fight against it, doing so might result in injuring yourself. (Using muscular force to stop Spontaneous Movement is inappropriate use of force; it is one of the "three harms")

Seeing images and hearing sounds: sometimes when you close your eyes during practice, you will see different colors of light, geometric patterns, or hear sounds. This is also normal, and there should be nothing to be afraid of. This happens as energy is sent to the higher centers in the head. This happens most often as energy travels through the base of the skull (jade pillow, BL 9), crown of the head (Bai Hui, GV20), and the third eye (Ying Tong, EX-HN3). The brain is directly simulated as the chi travels by, creating images and sounds. But do not confuse this with hallucinations. On rare occasion, one will experience "visions". This dream-like experience can be quite fascinating. But do not take the content of this vision too seriously. This content can be as arbitrary as a regular dream. Learn what is virtuous and beneficial, and discard others.

Cleansing process: during chi kung practice, if you feel like you need to burp, cough, sneeze, or fart, do so. It is just a part of the cleansing process. On some occasions, you might experience slight diarrhea. But unlike the diarrhea you experience when you are sick, you will actually feel energized afterward. This is a cleansing process that clean out your digestive tracts.

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Heal Yourself With Qi Gong

Heal Yourself With Qi Gong

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