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Qigong :

Qi Gong (pronounced Chi Kung) is an ancient Chinese energy (Chi) practice. It originated in China over 1,000 years ago. In ancient times healers were extensively trained in Qigong.

Qi means energy.

The Chinese character "gong" represents the effort placed into Qi practice as well as the power gained through such practice. Qigong literally means the meditation practice of Qi energy.

It is based on the concept of Chi, energy which flows through the body. There are 460 movements to learn in the Qigong and related Tai Chi programs. Breathing techniques help the chi flow. It is a self healing practice that can lead to the connection of mind, body and spirit.

Certain images and symbols can be mentally used to help the patient these have to be learned.

Cosmic Origins Of Qigong August 20,1999 - 'Sightings Report'

What we now call qigong was not actually named qigong. It originally came from the cultivation way practiced singly by ancient Chinese practitioners or religious cultivation.

You would never find the term "qigong" in all the texts of Internal Alchemy, Tao Tsang or the Tripitaka. Qigong existed long before religions came into being. It has lived through a period when religions were in embryo at the stage of the development of this human civilization. Only after the appearance of religions was it coloured with those religions to some extent. Qigong was initially called the Great Cultivation Way of Buddha Dharma - or the Great Cultivation Way of Tao. And there were other names such as: Nine fold Internal Alchemy, the Way of Arhat, and the Dhyana of Vajra.

Now we call it "qigong" in order to fit the consciousness of contemporary people and make it easier to be popularized. As a matter of fact, it is inherently the Chinese way of cultivating the human body.

Qigong is not an invention of this cycle of mankind. Its history goes back to the remote past. Then when did it come into being? Some claim it has a history of 3000 years and became popular in the Tang Dynasty. Others say it has a history of 5000 years and is as old as the Chinese culture. Still others believe it should be 7000 years old according to archaeological finds.

I hold qigong was not created by modern humans, but is prehistoric culture. People who possess supernormal capabilities have found that the universe in which we now live is a reconstructed entity after nine catastrophic explosions.

The planet we inhabit has already experienced destruction many times. When a new planet was born, mankind began to multiply again.

Now we have discovered a lot of things which are beyond our modern civilization. According to Darwin's theory of evolution, men evolved from apes. The history of civilization is estimated to be no more than l0000 years. However, archaeological findings reveal that the frescoes discovered in a stone cave of the Alps date back to 250000 years with remarkable artistic value unmatched by contemporary works.

In the museum of National University of Peru, there is a large rock in which is engraved a human figure observing celestial bodies through a telescope in his hands. This human figure

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dates back to over 30,000 years.

It is known that Galileo devised the telescope with 30 powers in 1609, some three hundred Years from now, How could there be a telescope 30000 years ago?

A rod of iron in India reaches above 99% iron purity, Such high purity of iron is beyond the modern smelting technology. Who was it that created that civilization?

How could human beings have possibly produced such things at a time when they themselves might have been micro-organisms?

Such discoveries have drawn the attention from scientists in all countries in the world.

These phenomena are called prehistoric cultures", because no satisfactory explanation has ever been offered to them.

The scientific level varies from cycle to cycle. The scientific level in some cycles was very high, even higher than that of our modern mankind. But those civilizations have been destroyed.

Therefore I say qigong is a prehistoric culture. It was not invented or created, but was discovered and perfected by modern people.

Qigong is not found in China alone. It also exists in other countries.

In some western countries like the United States and England it is called "magic art" rather than "qigong".

In America there is a magician, who is actually a master of supernatural powers. Once he performed walking through the Great Wall. While he was doing so, he covered himself with a white sheet of cloth propped up against the wall. Why did he do that?

By doing so, many people would want to see and believe that he was performing the magic. He had to perform this way because he knew that there were so many well-accomplished qigong masters in China, and he was afraid of being interfered with. Therefore he covered himself with a piece of white cloth before he was walking into the wall. When coming out, he held out a hand

to push up the sheet and then walked out of it. Just as a Chinese saying goes: "An expert sees the knack of a trick while a layman just watches the performance."

As a result, the audience were led to believe he was performing a magic. The reason why the Westerners call these paranormal capabilities "magic" is just that they do not use them to cultivate their bodies but to exhibit miracles; and performances for entertainment.

Therefore, at a low level. qigong serves to improve one's physical conditions and heal diseases for better health. At a high level, it aims to cultivate one's Benti - 'True Being'.

Written in the time of Zoroaster aka Buddha

Qigong is an ancient Chinese practice with great value for today.

Here is one interesting quote from the sixth century B.C.

Needham, Science and Civilization in China

In breathing, one must proceed as follows.

One holds the breath and it is collected together.

If it is collected, it expands.

When it expands it goes down.

When it goes down it becomes quiet.

When it becomes quiet it will solidify.

When it becomes solidified it will begin to sprout.

After it has sprouted, it will grow.

As it grows it will be pulled back again, to the upper regions of the body.

When it has been pulled back, it will reach the crown of the head.

Above, it will press against the crown of the the head.

Below, it will press downwards.

Drawing Handstand Pushup Pic

This 6th Century B.C. inscription was found on twelve pieces of jade which may have formed the knob of a staff or rod.

According to Anna Baldino - who has been studying Qigong since 1993 - "Qigong is the fastest and most powerful energy practice on the planet. The key to success with Qigong is finding a genuine master teacher.

This 6th Century B.C. inscription was found on twelve pieces of jade which may have formed the knob of a staff or rod.

According to Anna Baldino - who has been studying Qigong since 1993 - "Qigong is the fastest and most powerful energy practice on the planet. The key to success with Qigong is finding a genuine master teacher.

Secret Qigong Breathing TechniquesSecret Qigong Breathing TechniquesSecret Qigong Breathing TechniquesArts ShaolinArts Shaolin

72 Secret Arts of the Shaolin Temple

Note:- I will not be held responsible for any injuries or suffering if anyone tries any of these techniques. All of these techniques require special guidance from a qualified instructor. I doubt you will find many instructors that know any of these techniques as they are very old techniques and are only usually taught to special students with high potential , respect and patience.

1. Four Steps Arts

2. Iron Head Arts

3. Arhat Arts

4. Iron Arms Arts

5. Double Key Arts

6. Pot Lifting Arts

7. Key Stone Arts

8. Iron Bag Arts

9. Thousand Catties Floodgate Arts

10. Whip Strength Technique

11. Separating Water Arts

12. Jade Belt Arts

13. Embrace Tree Arts

14. Eagle Wings Arts

15. Overlord Elbow Arts

16. Saddle Arts

17. Pellet Fist Arts

18. Gang Rou Arts

19. Sand Bag Arts

20. Sunlight Hands Arts

21. Yin Fist Arts

22. Iron Sands Palms Arts

23. Bambo Leaf Hands Arts

24. Pushing Mounts Palms Arts

25. Close Plate Palms Arts

26. Mantis Claw Arts

27. Guan Yin Palms Arts

28. Five Poison Hands Arts

29. Cinnabar Palms Arts

30. Single Finger Jin Gang Arts

31. Immortal Palms Arts

32. Touching Stone Arts

33. PipaArts

34. Pulling up Nails Arts

35. Lifting up Thousand Catties Arts

36. Rubbing and Inserting Arts

37. Removing Mountains Arts

38. Eagle Claw Power Arts

39. Key Fingers Arts

40. Single Finger Hand Stand Arts

41. Picking up Flower Arts

42. Centipede Leaping Arts

43. Lying Tiger Arts

44. Tortoise Back Arts

45. Door Crotch Arts

46. Iron Cow Arts

47. Gunny Bag Arts

48. Inhaling Yin Arts

49. Soft Bone Arts

50. Iron Broom Arts (Iron Legs Gong)

51. Cypress Stake Arts

52. Iron Knee Arts

Can Generate Celestial Chi Power

53. Foot Shooting Arts

54. Self Hitting Arts

55. Somersault Turning Arts

56. Anti-Broadsword and Anti-Spear Arts

57. Stone Pillar Arts

58. Plum Blossom Stakes Arts

59. Meteor Stakes Arts

60. Leaping and Jumping Arts

61. Jumping and Leaping Arts

62. Flying Arts

63. Light Body Arts

64. Single Rope Penetrating Arts

65. Penetration Arts

66. Belt Somersault Arts

67. Gecko Creeping Wall Arts

68. Arts of Leaping onto Roofs and Vaulting Over Walls

69. Frog Arts

70. Iron Shirt Arts

71. Golden Clock Arts

72. Swimming Skill Arts

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