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Iron Shirt Qi gong was introduced to the Shaolin monks by Budhidharma, around 540 AD. These classics were tabulated as 0 Bone marrow washingO and OMuscle and Tendon change classicO. During the mid 17th century, the 5 Elders of the Shoaling Temple were foremost in their development of Iron Shirt training and Iron Palm.

Abbot Jee Shin was an iron head Qi gong Master. Bak Mei was an iron body Qi gong Master. Ng Mui, the Abbess was an iron palm Dim Mak Qi Gong Master. Fong Sai Yuk was an infamous swordsman and Master in emanating Chi. Miu Hin was a Qi gong master in emanating Chi power.

The 5 Elders were also Experts in various styles of Shaolin Kung Fu, being responsible for many of todayOs most popular styles of Kung fu. Some being, Wing Chun Kung fu, Hung Gar Kung fu, White Eyebrow Kung fu, just to name a few.

Iron Shirt Qi gong develops a very, very strong body. This type of training makes the body impervious to physical attacks. Iron Shirt strengthens the Muscles, Tendons, Bones, nerves, cells and washes Bone marrow. As we get older our bodies, muscles and tendons degenerate and we experience less energy and frailty, but Qi gong training reverses this Yin process and turns the body Yang and we live for a long time, free from sickness and disease.

Before a practitioner is ready for Iron shirt training, he must have had at least 2 years of Kung fu or Qi gong practice to strengthen and clean his body in preparation for Iron body training. Iron Shirt Qi-gong adopts concentrated Chi or energy (essence) into the body directed at specific organs or certain parts of the body to strengthen them. Kung Fu training will develop a confident psychology and strong body, therefore, when an individual attains this knowledge of iron shirt and iron palm, he will have control over his manner and emotions to help people and use this knowledge for good.

Qi gong practice will teach the person to relax the body (muscles and tendons), clean the body of toxins, clear the body from blockages and strengthen the organs and psychology. In doing so, one also strengthens his Chi power, in his Tan Tien.

In the Shoalin Jee Shin Wing Chun Kung fu system, we incorporate elementary Iron shirt postures to prepare oneOs body for the more demanding work, later on. As a balance to our hard training (Yang), we also incorporate Yin Qi gong and breathing exercises to keep the body happy and free from tension and stress.

This philosophy maintains a proper balance of yin and yang so the body does not heat up (excessive yang), after training and experience sickness.

Iron Shirt Qi Gong brings you into the correct postures, which increases your lifeforce and helps you to get a stronger connection with the outer forces.

Will improve your immune system and with special breathing exercises you are able to breathe to fill up your organs, bones and glands with healing energy.

Iron Shirt Chi Kung

First, warm Up Chi Kung. Why It Is Necessary ?

Whether one is a student or an expert, practice is essential. A practice session can be fruitless if the body is not properly prepared to handle the energy it is about to absorb. This is the main reason for Iron Shirt training. The term "warm up" means to begin the Chi and blood flow and invigorate their circulation throughout the body. Warm up exercises are particularly important for areas of the body that are rarely stretched such as the spine and sacrum.

It is important to listen to the messages from your body as you do the various exercises. The goal is not to over stretch or to develop large muscles but to loosen joints and relax the muscles so that chi and blood can flow without obstruction. Remember, develop naturally, gradually and safely.

In Iron Shirt Chi Kung, one learns to reorganize the structure of the body. In particular, discover how to use the power of the lower tan tien, the perineum and the spine to stand in a strong, stable, integrate way.

Iron Shirt Qi gong training is 100% yang and to train this knowledge from books or unqualified people will be extremely detrimental to your health and body. BE WARNED!!!!!!.

Microcosmic Breathing Techniques

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