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Dan is a young photographer who, for eight years, had been putting much effort into practicing esoterics on his own, and had tried many other methods with many different masters. After studying with Master Chia for only two months, through simply concentrating on his navel, the Chi energy started to circulate in the Microcosmic Orbit automatically without concentrating on the other energy centers.

Dr. Young: I know that you have been studying with Master Chia for about two months. I would like to know why you came here in the first place and what you have found since.

Dan: I found out about Master Chia through the "Free Spirit', a magazine I picked up in a health food store. I called him up and he mailed me one of the booklets, which explains everything about the Microcosmic Orbit. After reading and practicing with forty to fifty teachers, his system sounded very good to me but I couldn't be sure and so I went to see him. After he explained the way the energy works, it seemed pretty logical to me, so I tried it out. He told me to concentrate on a point about 1.5 inches inside my navel, to feel warm — not to concentrate on anything else, to forget about breathing, forget about forcing anything and to just concentrate on the warmth in my navel.

Dr. Young: Did he say that you should make yourself feel warm, to create the warmth or just concentratre and to feel whatever you could feel?

Dan: First he taught me a breathing exercise to relax me and to get the energy in the navel going.

Dr. Young: So did the warmth come up by itself or you created it in your mind?

Dan: Actually I didn't feel much warmth in my navel. The other points felt warm, and my navel may have been slightly warm. I felt a lot of activity in the tip of my spine, in my back where my kidneys are, around my shoulder blades and especially in my head. My head felt, as though it had expanded and felt full of that same activity. My forehead and the tip of my nose felt numb. When I stuck my tongue up against my palate, I felt something like a charge of electricity on contact.

Dr. Young: You don't suppose that suggestion was somehow involved when he had you concentrate on your navel, do you?

Dan: No. I'd meditated myself for the past two years. Before I came here I had already seen yellow between my eyebrows, and had used it to concentrate on for hours at a time. When Master Chia asked me to concentrate on my navel, I saw light there too, but he told me not to pay any attention to it and insisted that I concentrate on my navel. In two days it had broken down to a yellow color sitting here and there and moving around but I didn't pay attention to it, I just continued to concentrate on my navel and kept my tongue sticking up toward my palate. I don't know exactly when, but I started to feel energy. My nose and my forehead grew very numb and I felt as though my head were expanding but he told me to just keep concentrating on my navel. Suddenly, I felt what seemed to be a vibration in the tip of my spine, in my back and between my shoulder blades, which after a while felt very warm, too.

Dr. Young: When did you feel that?

Dan: On Sunday, February 15, 1981 — the last time I was here.

Dr. Young: So for ten days you did not feel much of anything?

Dan: It was during my fifth session that I started to feel the Energy.

Dr. Young: The other ten days you just felt a little bit warm in the navel?

Dan: The thing about it is that I feel the energy hitting my tongue sometimes then I can't keep my tongue in one place. It just shifts around by itself. I never had an experience like that before.

Dr. Young: What about your tongue?

Dan: I can't keep it in one place. It just moves around. This never happened to me before. The books I read, the "Mysterious Kundalini", "The Chakras", describe energy ascending up along the spine to the top of the head but Master Chia talks about it going all the way around and completing a whole route.

Dr. Young: You just concentrate on the navel and this energy surges up your back through your spine?

Dan: The first place that I felt something was in my back.

Dr. Young: How does it go from the navel to the back?

Dan: From the navel it goes down to the sperm palace and from there to the place between my anus and my testicles. I think he called it the perineum.

Dr. Young: Do you think you really felt it or was it because he told you about it?

Dan: I felt it but I wasn't sure at first. I also started moving around because I had been sitting too long and when I sat down again I also felt it. Now, I am trying to figure it out because I know it is real.

Dr. Young: You did not concentrate at the point in the back at that time?

Dan: No, only on the point inside the navel. Then it went up the spine and so on all the way around.

Dr. Young: How long do you think one cycle took you?

DAN: I can't tell exactly how long it takes.

Dr. Young: So basically you feel the point sensation rather than the current?

Dan: I feel vibration, even though I have felt heat but' moves like a vibration coming up.

Dr. Young: Is it through the point or in between?

Dan: It is more as though it is inside the spine.

Dr. Young: How about in the head?

Dan: I feel very good in my head. It feels numb and expanded.

Dr. Young: Do you feel a vibration going through it?

Dan: Yes, that's the numb feeling.

Dr. Young: But not like a river going through it?

Dan: No, I feel warm and at the end of the meditation I fell my head getting big and warm. I also feel as though something were moving very fast all through my body.

Dr. Young: You feel another body vibrating or your physical body?

Dan: I felt as though another body came out of me and extended six to eight inches beyond my physical self. The thing I didn't feel too happy about, though, is the pain in my right arm from an old injury.

Dr. Young: This happened today?

DAN: Yes, whenever I concentrate on my navel, now, whether it's at home or in the subway, I feel the vibrations.

Dr. Young: You can also do that in the subway?

Dan: Yes, but if I find a quiet place I can concentrate more effectively. Oh! I forgot to tell you that when I concentrated today I felt a sensation in my ears as though something had opened up, a sort of tickling. Master Chia described that as the channels opening up.

Dr. Young: Do you know how he teaches other students?

Dan: What I like about this system is that it is so simple, a baby could do it. It is not complicated. Just concentrate.

Dr. Young: You mean that you never concentrated in your practice?

Dan: Maybe once or twice but I used to concentrate in the higher centers, the thyroid or the solar plexus.

Dr. Young: And nothing happened?

Dr. Young: Did you know that he tells his students to concentrate on different points along the line?

Dan: He did tell me, too, to concentrate on the base of my spine, my back, crown, etc. But I don't have to concentrate point by point. It just happens.

Dr. Young: That is what is so important about your case.

Dan: The main point that he is concerned about is to have the energy circulate and to get the channel open and strengthen the tissues. It is not imaginary, because I can feel something going up right now.

Dr. Young: I know. It's very important. You never even tried to bring it around?

Dan: Before that, I meditated very intently for hours on the point between my eyebrows. He said that that probably helped me. When I came here I probably did the right thing and completed the circle by sticking my tongue up against my palate. But right now it is still hard to tell what will happen.

Dr. Young: Yes, at least you have developed something, but whether it is beneficial or not, we have to see in the future.

Dan: I hope to develop my health to the fullest.

Dr. Young: Do you have any health problems?

Dan: I strained my left testicle and I have problems with hemorrhoids.

Dr. Young: Would you say your practice is spiritual or physical?

Dan: It is spiritual, physical, scientific, technological and especially related to my body.

Dr. Young: And hopefully it will lead to an advance in medicine for years to come.

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